Transport Online – Van Houte Transport taken over by AB Texel

CREATIONS – [Update woe 08:59 uur] As of Sunday, May 1, 2022, Van Houte Transport from Kruiningen has stopped. The transport company announced this via social media on Sunday. “We would like to thank everyone who has been committed all these years. The close-knit group was very special and very pleasant, a real team. We […]

Trucks will be produced in Russia under the new WOLV brand – Cars

The WOLV brand will hide the technique of “celestial” origin, or rather, the FC25 electric delivery truck. It is equipped with a modest 40-horsepower electric motor and can carry 4.5 cubic meters of cargo. The capacity of the traction battery is unknown, but, as Drom clarifies, the machine can travel up to 200 kilometers on […]

Migrants thank Abbott for taking them “for a walk” to Washington

The Texas Governor’s plan to transport immigrants to DC appears to be failing and Migrants thank Governor Abbott for free travel by bus to the northern United States. The Texas governorwho is running for re-election, has insisted in recent months on dramatizing what he frames as the “crisis” on the US-Mexico border. Related news Migrants […]

Transport Online – Thomas Kruip new owner Roemaat Transport

LICHTENVOORDE – On Saturday 16 April, Thomas Kruip, general manager of Aloys Roemaat Transport BV in Lichtenvoorde, announced that he would take over the shares from the current investor. As a new owner, together with Peter Roemaat, he has the goal of continuing the healthy growth of the transport company. While enjoying a spring drink, […]

The French police stop the passage of anti-vaccine trucks

The “freedom convoys”, formed by anti-vaccines from all over France with the intention of converging in Paris this Saturday to paralyze the capital in protest against the restrictive measures to stop covid, collided with a strong police deployment that prevented them from achieving their objectives. . Sheltered on the outskirts of the city overnight, hundreds […]