From the bar counter to Riga City Council! Former owner of “Balsambara” gets involved in politics – Celebrities – – Entertainment

Reizenberg explained to TV3 News that he was involved in politics because he wanted to help catering entrepreneurs fight bureaucracy. To achieve this goal, the party is committed to facilitating the process of obtaining street sales permits. On Monday, July 6, the bartender also hurried to explain his choice on the social network “Twitter” both […]

Culture of remembrance: Why there were never Hitler monuments

AOn the dance floor of insanity that we call Twitter, a strange micro-debate about Hitler monuments can be followed for days. It is a branch of the controversy over outdated monuments that began with the overthrow of the slave trader statue in Bristol by an activist mob. In short, it is about the argument that […]

Tired of identity theft in networks, Andino goes to Justice

Although he did not give too much importance to his fake Twitter account (@AndinoOkey has more than 49 thousand followers and dates from 2016), Guillermo Andino decided to resort to Justice to find out who hides behind his false identity. Although the driver of America and his wife, Carolina Prat, refuse to speak on the […]

Twitter exploded for a photo of Natalie Portman

In the publication, the user said: “Natalie Portman came to Argentina incognito because she learned that her then boyfriend, Gael García Bernal, was with Dolores Fonzi. When he went to scold the paparazzi they took this photo. What an Angel, you hold me like this and I am the pombero”. Natalie Portman came to […]

Mhoni Vidente and his predictions for July that have already been fulfilled

Mhoni Vidente and his predictions for July that have already been fulfilled. | PHOTO: TWITTER Hi Mr President He continues to surprise with his wise vision of the future, because just a few days ago he shared on social networks his predictions for July, and they were already fulfilled several. The Cuban astrologer has distinguished […]

Renowned Hearthstone player and Twitch streamer has committed suicide

We have sad news for followers of the famous Hearthstone streamer on Twitch, Reckful, as he has passed away. Streaming video games on Twitch is a profession that more and more people decide to take, since it involves earning money by playing your favorite games. One of those who followed that dream was the streamer […]

Gutiérrez Müller apologizes for tweet about parents of sick children

This was the response that Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller gave. The tweet has already been removed. (Screenshot) For several hours, users of the Twitter network criticized the response, mainly because the shortage of drugs to treat children with cancer has persisted since the beginning of this government. Due to this situation, the parents of the sick […]

New site identifies fake Cuban accounts on Twitter

Mariam Gómez claims to be “faithful to the Homeland and to the Revolution” on her Twitter account @mpgcibermambisa. But in reality his profile picture, with his back exposed, is not from a real person but was taken from an article on the internet about how to get the best tan. On his Twitter profile, user […]

Syria, hub of the “jihad pill” – Liberation

Syria, hub of the “jihad pill” Liberation Record seizure in Italy of 14 tonnes of amphetamines produced in Syria News Orange Italian police make largest drug seizure in Ulyces history 14 tonnes of captagon, the “jihad drug” manufactured by Daesh, found in Italy L’Obs 14 tonnes of amphetamines produced by Daesh seized in Italy Current […]