Women’s march in New York: “We still started to come out of the darkness”

The procession did not fail to boo copiously one of the towers owned by Donald Trump in Manhattan, south of Central Park. It was at the foot of the Trump International Hotel and Tower that the third edition of the Women’s March in New York began this Saturday. The demonstrators, including many women, will do […]

Man finds nine-carat diamond in park in the U.S.

Kevin Kinard, 33, was visiting Diamond Crater State Park in Arkansas, United States, when he discovered a 90.07 carat diamond. It was not the first time that this man, manager at a bank branch, looked for diamonds in the park, but this time he did not return empty-handed, having found the second largest diamond ever […]

New bodycam images raise questions about research into the …

Police officers from Louisville, Kentucky violated their police department’s policy in the police raid that killed Breonna Taylor. Although the police department said the officers present were not wearing body cams, 45 images were released on Monday. The video images, that Vice News show how Louisville, Kentucky, agents violate the policies of multiple police departments. […]

Amy Coney Barret will impregnate the conservative stamp on …

“My most fervent wish is that she is not replaced until a new president takes office,” Ruth Bader Ginsburg told her granddaughter before she died. The judge of the Supreme Court of the United States, an icon for feminism and progressivism in the North American country, died on September 18, a month and a half […]

will a vaccine be ready in November in the United States, as Trump claims?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This is what the American president promised, which would coincide with the presidential election. Is it scientifically credible? Donald Trump at the Republican Convention. via REUTERS / Republican National Convention THE QUESTION. A vaccine against the coronavirus before the end of the year: this is the promise made to the Americans […]

why is New York so badly affected?

New York State has 160,000 recorded cases, including 93,000 in New York, a heavy toll that can be explained by several reasons. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said it many times: New York, which officially has 8.6 million inhabitants, is a particularly dense megalopolis: more than 10,000 inhabitants per km2. A breeding ground for […]

(re) discover the beating heart of musical Manhattan with Gaëtan Roussel

New York looks like a friendly city. A city that you think you know even when you’ve never set foot there. Greenwich Village was the gateway to Gaëtan Roussel when he landed in New York for the first time in his life. What better place to start this musical walk, this stroll through the quintessential […]

America first and last

Ambivalence Americans are excessive in everything. This is what makes their charm and their limits. This is also what makes them infuriating as well as lovable in our eyes. We admire them for the gigantism of their achievements and their landscapes, their cities and their ambitions (the moon, Mars …) but we also hate them […]

Everything about Buy American and Buy America

[Photo : Bloomberg] It has become a classic in these times of economic slump in the United States. Every time the federal government proposes a stimulus plan, it seeks to include a clause in it to encourage local purchases. We are talking about a clause inspired by the Buy American Act of 1933. But there […]