Carried by a kite, man hangs 12 meters from the ground

A moment of fun turned to despair in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Nadarasa Manoharan and his friends were trying to get a giant kite into the air, but things didn’t go as expected. When trying to control the kite, he was lifted 12 meters off the ground and had to hold on to survive. Luckily, his […]

Hospital Regional do Cariri reaches the milestone of 735 stroke cases in 2021

Hospital Regional do Cariri reaches the milestone of 735 stroke cases in 2021 The Regional Hospital of Cariri (HRC) announced that it has carried out 735 consultations in cases of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) this year alone. In 2020, the number of consultations was 844. The unit has a 24-hour emergency service every day of the […]

These are the urgent measures to repair the damage caused by the La Palma volcano

These are the essential points of the royal decree law of urgent measures for the reconstruction of La Palma for damages caused by the Erupting volcano approved by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday. The decree includes a maximum aid of 30,240 euros for those affected by the destruction of their homes, a provision that […]

From urgent lifeguard to uncertain end with a Russian nod to Argentina

This week could be key. Next Wednesday, the Pan American Health Organization will hold its traditional press conference and – if the WHO does not pronounce itself before – it should respond if what the Russian Health Minister said on Saturday is true. That is, if there are only administrative details for the world health […]

The ‘Living is urgent’ t-shirt

Patients pose for this campaign with the slogan on this shirt, ‘Living is urgent’, as Pau Donés used to say. Solidarity. The project already exceeds half a million euros of collection for research with the sale of more than 52,000 with the phrase written by Pau Donés THE TRUTH Wednesday 22 September 2021, 02:08 On […]

Storm Ida: at least 13 dead in New York and its region (official sources)

Published on : 02/09/2021 – 17:44 The torrential rains and flash floods that hit New York City and its region on Wednesday evening killed at least 13 people, official officials said Thursday, September 2, with US media advancing a death toll of 22. The mayor of the American megalopolis Bill de Blasio announced during a […]

Corona Virus Will Win If China Rejects Further Research on the Origin of Covid-19 – Top infectious disease experts from the United States (US) have warned that China’s rejection of the WHO’s plans for further investigations into the origins of Covid-19 in the country could threaten the availability of critical world data needed to identify future pandemics. Experts told Politico that the denial of access to Wuhan, the […]