Covid-19. AstraZeneca’s vaccine candidate is 70% effective

The vaccine against Covid-19 developed by the British laboratory AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford is 70% effective on average, according to a statement released Monday, November 23. These are interim results of large-scale clinical trials in the UK and Brazil, says AstraZeneca. This vaccine is currently less convincing than that of Pfizer / BioNTech […]

“This dream scenario is becoming more and more likely”

Posted on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 11:56 a.m. The news seems to be more and more confirmed: we should be able to count on a vaccine against the covid for Christmas. The Minister of Health Franck Vandenbroucke suggested this Friday evening. Marc Kaptein, senior executive of Pfizer, speaks of an “increasingly likely scenario”. The […]

Conte at the G20: ‘Vaccines and therapies are a right for everyone’ – Politics

During the G20 that opened today under the presidency of Saudi Arabia, the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, sent a message in which he assured that “the G20 will reflect our commitment to a rapid recovery” from the pandemic crisis and to “find solutions for the major challenges that humanity is facing today, from climate change […]

The price of gold: What will happen after the vaccines for Kovid-19?

The record bullish gold market faces an existential question after pharmaceutical breakthroughs this month: what happens to the rally after the Kovid-19 vaccines go live? Many see gold as an archetypal refuge whose price is inevitably higher in times of turmoil. By this logic, the beginning of the end of the crisis would be a […]

The G20 commits to making the coronavirus vaccine universal

The pandemic forced the G20 to be held virtually and the pandemic was the central theme of the summit chaired by Saudi Arabia and that concluded with the commitment that the vaccine should be universal. After 48 hours of digital diplomacy, the twenty main economies of the world agreed to “continue working together to face […]

Coronavirus: WHO confirms that the vaccine against Covid-19 would not be effective against the mutation of the virus in mink

Mink-Associated Coronavirus Mutation May Be Dangerous for Humans, since it has a different structure of spines, so the current vaccineExperimental s could be ineffectiveThe representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Russia, Melita Vujnovic, warned today. “The infection was transferred from minks to humans. This is a very dangerous mutation. If it starts to […]

Covid-19: AstraZeneca vaccine shows encouraging results in older people

The Covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford causes an immune response in older people, particularly at risk, according to results released Thursday which confirm announcements already made in October. However, these intermediate results relate to a less advanced stage of development (called phase 2) than those which have been the subject […]

Covid-19: maybe a vaccine before Christmas

The first vaccines against Covid-19 could begin to be marketed before the end of the year in Europe and the United States, where the authorities have taken a new set of restrictions to contain the pandemic as the Thanksgiving holidays approach , between closure of schools in New York and curfew in California. US President-elect […]

A vaccine for three childhood diseases could work against coronavirus

A childhood vaccine could slow the spread of coronavirus until the serum dedicated to fighting COVID-19 appears on the market, some research shows. The vaccine known as MMR in the United Kingdom – a combination of active elements to fight three diseases, namely measles, mumps and rubella, could work in the case of coronavirus, is […]