Hospitals in the US are laying off unvaccinated workers

UMass Memorial announced this summer that they must vaccinate or show reasonable waiver by the November 1 deadline. “We sincerely hoped that everyone would get the vaccine and stay at UMass Memorial, but as a healthcare organization we need to protect our patients and service providers,” says an official hospital network statement cited by NBC. […]

only solidarity can get us out of the crisis – Liberation

It is the snake that bites its tail: rich countries prefer to keep vaccines for their population, and especially the juicy property of patents, suddenly poor countries cannot be vaccinated, the virus takes advantage of this to mutate and generate variants A year ago to the day, the first anti-Covid injection from Pfizer labs was […]

These are the new restrictions for travelers visiting Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, like other countries around the world, has been forced to implement new restrictions for travelers due to the identification of the omicron variant, first detected by scientists from South Africa. On par with the United States, the Health Department implemented on the island a series of measures for domestic and international travelers seeking […]

RTL correspondent Raschel Blufarb has her daughter vaccinated against Corona in Israel

RTL>news> December 07, 2021 – 10:28 am clock Raschel Blufarb’s daughter is vaccinated against Corona in Israel Big day for the daughter of RTL Middle East correspondent Raschel Blufarb. She is vaccinated against the corona virus. In Israel, children aged five and over have been given the vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer since November 23. […]

Index – Domestic – Don’t have your third vaccine yet? – a letter arrives

The National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) will send reminder emails to those who have not taken the third vaccination. The virus is spreading strongly, many are getting sick, and the effects of previous vaccinations are starting to weaken after a few months, they say. According to our records, you have not yet received the 3rd […]

Coronavac is 94.9% effective against deaths by Covid-19, says Butantan – News

Data from the first analysis of Project S, a study on the effectiveness of the CoronaVac vaccine that the Butantan Institute conducted in Serrana, in the interior of São Paulo, show a direct effectiveness of the vaccine of 80.5% of the immunizing agent against symptomatic cases of Covid-19, 95% against hospitalizations and 94.9% against deaths. […]

The Kovid Vaccine Campaign for School Students kicks off tomorrow in Abu Dhabi

അബുദാബി∙: The Kovid Vaccine Campaign for School Students kicks off tomorrow in Abu Dhabi. The vaccine will be administered in schools with accredited nurses and clinics in the school courtyard and at other school drive-thru centers and mini-prime assessment centers. A survey conducted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education (ADEC) in October asked parents […]

“Government” rushed to find infected “Omicron” reiterated “vaccination” to prevent serious illness – death

“Government spokesman” reveals “Prime Minister” has ordered security, border seals, land and water to prevent “Omicron”, threatening to punish officials for neglect, revealing “MOH” to speed up infection testing Search for infected people as soon as possible. Repeat vaccination. Reduce violence – death from all types of covids. At the Government House, Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, […]