Anti-flu, reservations for the open day from 28 September

Not just the anti-Covid. Lombardy’s vaccination season is ready to open from 1 October with the flu shot: an open day organized by the Assts throughout the Region has already been set for that date, and new details arrived yesterday from the General Directorate of Welfare. For the open day on October 1st, reservations will […]

here’s what changes, the new rules coming

Thursday 21 September 2023 Protect the most fragile subjects from Covid. This is the imperative in view of the next autumn season and in light of the increase in cases in recent weeks. Starting from the hospitals which, in the various regions, are already adopting a crackdown by requiring that doctors and healthcare workers who […]

There is no vaccine for pneumonia

There is no vaccine for pneumonia With autumn, respiratory diseases, especially flu, also increase. The most effective method to protect against flu and pneumonia and prevent the spread of the disease is the flu and pneumonia vaccine. However, pneumonia vaccines, which are on the Social Security Institution (SGK) reimbursement list, cannot be found in the […]

What does the new adapted corona vaccine bring? | Science news

The corona pandemic is over, but the virus has not disappeared. Similar to the flu, groups at risk are advised to renew their vaccination protection – if possible in the fall. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (60) wants to go ahead and get a recommended booster injection against Sars-CoV-2 in Berlin. A new vaccine should […]

New Corona variant: When is it time for booster vaccinations? – Germany

A corona vaccine that is adapted to a new virus variant will be delivered from Monday. High-risk patients and the elderly are recommended to refresh their protection with this – ideally in the fall. What kind of vaccine and which corona variant is it? The companies Biontech and Pfizer are bringing a vaccine onto the […]

WHO warns that only 58% of the world’s population has a booster dose

Regarding vaccine coverage, Dr. Kerkhove detailed, during the WHO press conference this Thursday, that, although they do not have data for all countries, “the coverage of the primary series worldwide is around 82 percent in the older age groups” while, in the booster dose, “this figure is around 58 percent, but in Africa only eight […]

The application of the bivalent vaccine against covid-19 has concluded, says Salud

“This Wednesday, September 13, the bivalent vaccination against COVID-19 was successfully completed in the country,” reported the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), through a statement. This process was aimed at health personnel and adults over 65 years of age; patients with serious conditions and chronic pathologies who, for the most part, had received two boosters […]

Extremadura will not advance the covid vaccine despite the Health request

Estremadura will maintain vaccination against covid and flu by mid-October despite the fact that Public Health Commissionin which both the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities, including Extremadura, are represented, This Tuesday it agreed to advance it to the last week of September due to the rebound in cases. The vaccination campaign against flu […]