criticism of the artistic suicide of Luc Besson

RANDOM, MALTAZARD More than once, the exegetes of Luc Besson have seen in his creations and productions the mark of an author, whose existence would leave a singular imprint on the creations. The big Blue would therefore be the quest for a man apart towards overcoming, Léon would be the not-so-distant echo of her relationship […]

the Monsterverse spin-off on Apple TV+ reveals its cast

After Godzilla vs. Kong, the Monsterverse is preparing a spin-off series on Apple TV+. After the name of the director, it is the turn of part of the cast to reveal themselves. In the same way as Jurassic World: The World After was thought to be the culmination of the dinosaur saga initiated by Steven […]

Leaks reveal the release date of the free PlayStation Plus games

According to a press report, the Japanese company Sony will this week reveal the free PlayStation Plus games for the month of July for the PS Plus Essential category. According to Forbes, there are three levels, the “PS Plus Essential” which is the basic level, which gives you access to online games and a few […]

A feature that you must activate if you loan your phone

For a large number of us, the smartphone has become a storehouse of secrets and a closet in which we put a lot of privacy and things that we do not want anyone to see. The phone also contains very important things such as bank and financial accounts, and we have heard about several situations […]

a terrifying, modern post-Me Too nightmare

Alex Garland wants to terrify you with his new psychological thriller Men. Whereas turd Jurassic World: The World After invades cinemas, one of the craziest films of the year arrives in theaters at the same time: Men directed by Alex Garland. The filmmaker has already shown his talent with his previous films Ex Machina et […]

War Thunder – When War Thunder players reveal military secrets to guide game updates

How do you convince War Thunder developers to change in-game gear stats? By relying on very real technical documents, incidentally classified as “secret defence”. Players are sometimes able to mobilize and deploy significant resources to influence development teams and steer the direction of an update. The official forums of War Thunder provide a new example: […]

the return of the King and Baz Luhrmann in a beautiful trailer

Elvisa biopic about Elvis Presley by Baz Luhrmann, starring Austin Butler, is revealed a little more in a new trailer focusing on the meteoric rise of the greatest rock star. Elvis and the cinema is a matter that goes back a very long way. A young musical prodigy, Elvis Presley quickly became a movie star […]

review of David Cronenberg’s big comeback

Retrospective It quickly became apparent that this mysterious project shared only its title with David Cronenberg’s second medium-length film. Made in 1970, Crimes of the future first of the name completed the diptych begun with Stereo (1969). Both experimental and incomprehensible sci-fi stories relied entirely on a voice-over. None of that in the master’s latest […]

Video games still make investors dream

Andreessen Horowitz launches a fund of 600 million dollars while Ryad invests in Nintendo. One of Silicon Valley’s most renowned investors wants to accelerate in video games. Andreessen Horowitz, aka a16z, has announced the creation of Games Fund One, a $600 million fund that has received support from several business leaders in the industry. “We […]