“The biggest insult!” Harry and Meghan are furious at Charles’ gesture

The recent visit of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to the UK was not very successful. The couple was not enthusiastically welcomed by the fans or the royal family itself. In addition, other details of the visit, from which the couple left disappointed, have recently surfaced. They were especially offended by one gesture of […]

Don’t you happen to have them at home? Some banknotes will soon expire

Some banknotes will soon expire. After June 30, it will not be possible to pay several samples worth 100 to 2,000 crowns. But people will have several more years to exchange. Some banknote designs expire after 30 June. This applies to all values ​​except 5,000 crowns. These are 100 crowns banknotes 1995 and 1997, for […]

Pubs are starting to go bankrupt. Raising is the last nail in the coffin

People, especially in the countryside, stopped going to pubs during the coronavirus epidemic and they start to go bankrupt. According to brewery surveys, more than 10 percent have already closed them. In addition to the loss of guests, this is also due to rising operating costs, especially more expensive energy. Chairs on the table, disconnected […]

China can win the war in Ukraine. She has already taken the first step

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is likely to have an unexpected winner. China has decided to use Western sanctions against Russia to its advantage. For example, they will buy extremely discounted Russian oil for their reserves. Germany and other European countries have imposed an embargo on Russian oil, which was to remain without a buyer. However, China […]

CEZ has record profits, hands me. It will come back to the people, the ministry promises

CEZ Group, whose majority shareholder is the state, earned almost 27 billion crowns in the first quarter of this year. According to analysts, the state could use the high profits of the energy company to help people. CEZ’s net profit increased by 218 percent year on year to 26.7 billion crowns, significantly exceeding analysts’ expectations. […]