Magnitude 5.3 Earthquake Shakes Blitar, East Java – KOMPASTV

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake shook Blitar, East Java KOMPASTV Today’s Blitar Earthquake, BMKG: South East Java People, Need To Be Alert – BMKG: Today’s Earthquake Shakes Blitar and Daruba 5,3SR Earthquake Shakes Blitar, BMKG Calls on Residents to Stay Alert KOMPASTV Shocking! Today’s Earthquake Epicenter July 5 in Blitar Near the Source […]

VIDEO – Vietnam: this Hanoi hotel is gold-plated from floor to ceiling

Unusual WORLD PREMIERE – A fully gold-plated hotel has just been inaugurated in the Vietnamese capital. Facades, floors and ceilings, swimming pool, and even sanitary … The “Dolce Hanoi Golden” wants to impress. 2020-07-04T06:00:00.000Z – A flamboyant giant gold bar is now reflected on the waters of a lake in Hanoi. The new Five Star […]

Jokowi Called, Online Lectures Could Be Next Normal – KOMPASTV

Jokowi Called, Online Lectures Could Be the Next Normal KOMPASTV Jokowi’s Message to the Chancellor Forum: Next Normal Lecture to Liberate Students – Jokowi Encourages Formation of Reliable Indonesian HR BeritaSatu Rector Forum Asks Government to Responsible Student and Lecturer Internet Costs – Nasional The Chancellor’s Forum Asks the Government to […]

Ghini: “Ferrari? The only one to believe it is Vettel!” – Motorsport.comIT

Ghini: “Ferrari? The only one to believe it is Vettel!” Motorsport.comIT F1 | Ferrari, in Austria a sensational delay compared to 2019 F1, Ferrari: Binotto doesn’t look for excuses for Virgilio Sport Vettel disaster: “11th? Bad. The opponents have hidden” Italy Ferrari aerodynamics, data correlation problem View full coverage on Google News […]

Two other health workers died in Barranquilla due to possible COVID-19

Two other health workers in Barranquilla, the doctor Andrés Acevedo and the nursing assistant Delcy Talaigua, died – apparently – by COVID-19. The general doctor Andrés Roberto Acevedo, 58 years old, a Costa Rican national and who had been living and working in the city for 17 years, lost his life this Thursday after being […]