Hana Gregorová: She is getting rid of the villa after Brzobohatý!

According to her current partner Ondřej Koptík (35) The actress wants to end one stage of her life by selling a villa, as he said for the zivotvcesku.cz website. Or he wants to be relieved, because being the owner of four houses is a big burden. Plus, Gregor herself lives in a state apartment in […]

“The Favorite Village of the French”. Hunspach in Alsace crowned this year

Hunspach (Bas-Rhin) was elected “favorite village of the French” during the ninth edition of the program broadcast on France 3. The results of the internet users’ vote, invited to vote last March, were revealed by Stéphane Bern in prime time, Wednesday, July 1. The show was filmed in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (Manche), a municipality which won the […]

Juraj Kukura: Business of Life! 30 million richer

The giant villa, which has three apartments, is located in one of the most lucrative parts of the Slovak capital – below Slavín near Bratislava Castle. The real estate agency offered it for 1.2 million euros all the time, which is CZK 32,148,000 in terms of the current exchange rate. The charismatic Slovak actor, known […]

From the royal pantheon of Poblet to the antique shop fair Culture

After the confiscation of 1835, most religious buildings in Spain were plundered. The Poblet Monastery, one of the royal pantheons of the kings of the Crown of Aragon, too. It was burned down and destroyed and most of the artworks were looted. Even the reliefs of the pantheons that Jaume Cascalls and his disciple Jordi […]

Belfast permits Tower health behavior facility signage | Berks and Beyond

Bern Township supervisors on Tuesday night approved signs for the Tower health behavioral facility provided the hospital word was removed from the symptoms. Supervisor Daniel Tobias noted that Tower Health’s denomination changed. “They drifted into our head, not a hospital,” he said. Dennis S. Boyer, president of Signature Sign Inc. said. from Reading, he did […]

Injected vaccines The only way to fight the flu this season

Vaccines are the most important thing for many who talk about illnesses during the flu season, and many were also talking about a nasal spray variant that makes the experience quick and easy. However, in reality, no nasal spray vaccines are offered, says Bev Unger, Regional Manager of Public Health and Healthy Living. The flu […]

Italy isolates ten villages and quarantines 250 people for the coronavirus | Society

The coronavirus crisis scaled several levels in Italy on Friday. The first warning came from Codogno, southeast of Milan, where 14 people tested positive throughout the day. Then two others joined in Padua, in the Veneto region and the Government admitted the seriousness of the situation. They are the first known cases of transmission by […]