World: COVID-19 vaccine | Russia: Vladimir Putin announces the registration of a sec

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the second vaccine against COVID-19, called EpiVacCorona, developed by the Véktor State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology. “The Novovibirsk Center ‘Véktor’ today registered the second coronavirus vaccine: EpiVacCorona“, He said Putin during a government meeting. Putin stressed that, as with Sputnik-V, Russia will promote the second […]

The US Needs Leaders Like Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin

US President Donald Trump at a campaign in Iowa, Wednesday (14/10/2020). (Source: AP Photo) IOWA, KOMPAS.TV – A controversial statement was made by the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump during a campaign in Des Moines, Iowa, Wednesday (14/10/2020) local time. According to the 74-year-old president the US needs smart leaders such as […]

Russia approves second Covid-19 vaccine after preliminary trials

Russia said it will produce thousands of coronavirus vaccines per month before the end of the year. Carol Smiljan | NurPhoto | Getty Images Russia has granted regulatory approval to a second Covid-19 vaccine, according to its register of authorized medicines. A delighted President Vladimir Putin announced the news at a government meeting on Wednesday. […]

Coronavirus: According to The Lancet, the Russian vaccine against Covid-19 is effective but more tests are needed

Sputnik-V, the Russian vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, produced antibodies in all early-stage trial participantsAccording to the results published this Friday by the prestigious journal of medical dissemination, The Lancet. The results of the two tests (carried out last June and July) highlighted on 76 participants, showed that 100% of the participants developed antibodies against the new […]

Putin announces new Russian vaccine against coronavirus

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 27.08.2020 11:54:03 The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that a second vaccine against the coronavirus, covid-19, is in development, which will be developed by the Vektor Research Center of Novosibirsk. She assured that it will be ready in September of this year. She also explained that first vaccine against […]

Cichanous wants a UN observation mission. The Belarusian minister criticized the “destructive forces”, including the Czech Republic – ČT24 – Czech Television

Cichanouska’s speech to the UN Security Council took place at the request of her non-permanent member Estonia. According to the website, the politician stated: “There is unrest in my country, Belarus. Mild protesters are detaining, beating and imprisoning. The protests themselves began after a cynical and outrageous attempt by Mr Lukashenko to steal people’s […]

Europe: Russia | Spies of the Putin era: Unit 29155 that would be behind

The alleged poisoning of Russian opponent Alexei Navalni once again set its sights on other cases of suspected poisonings, which most of the time resulted in the death of agents or rivals of the Kremlin, headed by the president Vladimir Putin. Although the Russian Government has always distanced itself from any link, intelligence investigations in […]

Russian opponent Alexei Nalvany is admitted to intensive care for suspected poisoning

Alexei Nalvany, leader of the opposition against the government of Vladimir Putin, was admitted unconscious to an intensive care unit for an alleged poisoning, according to his spokesman, Kira Yarmysh. As he communicated on his Twitter account, Nalvany suffered a decompensation while on a flight from the city of Tomsk, in Siberia, to Moscow. He […]