Viktor Boet joins ultra-nationalist party

Notorious arms dealer Viktor Boet, who was a prisoner swapped with American basketball player Brittney Griner last week, joins a pro-Putin party. The recently released Viktor Boet has announced that he is joining the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR), the populist and ultra-nationalist party long led by the flamboyant Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The LDPR is an opposition […]

Former FSB Reveals the Badness of the Russian War in Ukraine, Like a Rotten Fish’s Head

loading… A former FSB member exposes the ugliness of Russia’s war in Ukraine that has made Moscow officers unhappy with President Vladimir Putin. Photo/via NDTV MOSCOW – Several officers Russia who fought in Ukraine displeased with top military officials and President Vladimir Putin for the poor conduct of the war. It was exposed blogger nationalist […]

Why the Ukrainians only hit Russia with weapons of their own making

Ukrainian soldiers practice in an underground parking garage in Kiev. If they want to hit Russia, they will do so with weapons they have made themselves. — ©  ISOPIX With a scared heart, the White House awaits when Ukraine will surprise the Russians again. After the attacks on an air base deep in Russia, Washington […]

EU concerned about Turkey’s ties to Russia

The increasingly close economic ties between Turkey and Russia are “cause for considerable concern”, says EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell in a letter to the EU Parliament. He also says that it is worrying that Turkey does not join the EU’s measures against Russia, according to the German media group Funke. Borrell points out […]

Putin Calls Russia Can Copy US Military Attack Strategy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President of Russia Vladimir Putin said Friday that his country could adopt what he described as the United States’ concept of using an initial military strike. This indicates Russia has the weapons to do that. “We have just thought about it. They have not been shy about talking about it openly […]

Putin’s failing health: Three men who want to replace him in the Kremlin

News of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged health problems has fueled speculation that someone close to him will try to oust him. One of the three high-ranking men could use his illness to take over the Kremlin. According to foreign media, the health condition of Russian President Vladimir Putin is rapidly deteriorating. As the footage […]

All options “on the table”? The Pentagon is responsible for the Patriots

The war in Ukraine has been going on for 279 days. “We currently have no plans to deploy Patriot air defense systems in Ukraine,” Pentagon spokesman Gen. Patrick Ryder said Tuesday. As he added, if another country decided to take such a step, it would be its sovereign decision. This is how Ryder responded during […]