Johnson proposed a four-point plan to support Ukraine / GORDON

The politician asked if the world would be safer if Russia could conquer Ukraine without any resistance. “In our hearts we know the answer,” Johnson said. He is also convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not stop at Ukraine, and any other dictator “would feel the courage to pursue his ambitions with the help […]

Two High – Mobile

Friday, 17 June 2022 – 07:08 WIB Dahlan Iskan (Disway). Photo: Ricardo/ – I purposely didn’t write this yesterday. I’d like to know the public’s response to last Tuesday’s cabinet reshuffle: mediocre. There are no high hopes for the new official. Even when for the first time there was a Papuan as deputy interior […]

China Affirms Support for Russia, US Responds Cynically!

Jakarta – Chinese President Xi Jinping reassured Russian President Vladimir Putin of China’s support for Russia’s “sovereignty and security”. The United States government quickly responded cynically to China’s support. Washington warned Beijing that it risked ending up “on the wrong side of history”. China has so far refused to condemn Moscow’s massive military offensive in […]

The secret movements of Abramovich that an FBI agent has discovered

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich secretly transferred assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, including superyachts and one of the world’s largest private jets, to their children just days before international sanctions kicked in, an FBI analyst has discovered. Related news Judge Sarah Cave, of the Southern District of New York, gave the green light to […]

Putin’s announcement is real? “Works as it says”

Its goals include not only Ukraine, but also the Baltic states, Finland and a large part of Poland, explains the author. The ruler of the Kremlin used the 350th birthday of Peter the Great to declare: “It is also our destiny – to recover and strengthen.” This is a reference to the conquests during the […]

Russian economist: Putin will never run out of money for war

If the war lasts until the end of the year, the Kremlin will need 5-6 trillion rubles. In conditions where Russia’s external debt amounts to 20 percent. GDP, borrowing such funds on the domestic market is not a problem. The state pays suppliers of arms, ammunition, fuel and military not in euros or dollars, which […]

Boris the troublemaker blew. It will not help to blame the pandemic and Putin

What was Boris’ secret? On the fact that he always efficiently combined the role of a politician and a celebrity jester. For years, he was one British politician who could turn her into a show, amusing audiences and improving their well-being. With his study of sloppy looks, streams of eccentric rhetoric, undeniable sense of humor, […]