4 police officers arrested for diverting drug loads

Four PNP noncommissioned officers from the Tambo police station, in Ayacucho, They were arrested Wednesday afternoon by anti-drug agents after they carried out a suspicious police intervention on a vehicle who came out with a shipment of cocaine from the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (Vraem) bound for the city of Ayacucho. […]

Free Peru | Pedro Castillo | Shining Path | Vladimir Cerrón | VRAEM | Óscar Arriola, Head of the Dircote: “It is the voice of ‘Comrade Vilma'” [ENTREVISTA] | POLICY

After this diary revealed the audios of the ‘Comrade Vilma‘ from Shining Path in the Vraem, in which he calls not to vote for Keiko Fujimori and threatens to boycott the second round elections, the head of the Directorate against Terrorism (Dircote), Óscar Arriola, receives us in his office in the Center of Lima to […]