“These are tracks of tourists who were on the spot”

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 4:26 p.m. Police claim to have new leads regarding Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, as the vacation photos they received may contain “some interesting material.” The main suspect, Christian Brueckner, 43, has returned to prison after being treated in hospital for two broken ribs. He is serving a prison sentence […]

From 1 to 60: The NBA Picks | NBA

An emotional and very important night for Argentine basketball. The highest pick in NBA history for us considering Carlos Delfino’s Pick 25 and now what happened to Leandro Bolmaro after his election two spots earlier. Let’s review what happened with the rest of the participants. First and foremost, the Bolmaro thing should not have been […]

South Korea tests flying taxis with drones – Technology News – Technology

Several drones designed to carry people and goods sailed this Wednesday, on a first exhibition flight, the capital of South Korea, where They want to accelerate their viability in terms of logistics and security with the goal of putting them into operation by 2025. “Follow these preventive measures against the coronavirus: wash your hands frequently, […]

Murder in Würselen over 20 years ago: The motive was possibly 5,000 marks

Murder in Würselen over 20 years ago: The motive was possibly 5,000 marks More than 20 years after a brutal murder near Aachen, the investigators are convinced that a now 50-year-old committed the crime out of greed. The man has been in custody for a week. He is said to have killed the victim at […]

Study: More is being stolen in retail – Economy: Latest news and reports

A detective from a security company demonstrates how shoplifters can outsmart the security labels on goods with the help of a prepared suitcase. Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa (Boris Roessler / dpa) In the German retail trade, goods worth 3.75 billion euros were stolen last year. This means that more was stolen again than in […]

Pablo Javkin: We are trying not to return to phase one in Rosario

The excessive increase in coronavirus cases in recent days forced provincial and municipal officials to take steps to lower the number of infections. Above all, they are concerned about the availability of beds for the care of Covid-19 patients, so Governor Omar Perotti signed a new decree than restricts the schedule of activities and the […]

Doctors claim they were fined in full quarantine

The fines to the staff of Health began to arrive in the days when the agreement between the Municipality of Neuquén and the Automated System of Parking lot Measured (SEAM) fell. Apparently between “mid-June and July”, the benefit of workers linked to the health system, which excluded them from paying for parking in the center […]