House purchase (credit for ancillary costs)

Hello folks, My partner and I (not married) want a 50/50 houseacquire. Both parties can share their half of the purchase costs 100% Pay in cash, so to speak, without financing. However, one of the two parties still needs 16,000 eurospay his share of the property transfer tax, as well as the notary. In order […]

Scorers were those of now – Jorge Barraza column – Columnists – Opinion

Football is witnessing an extraordinary boom in the great scorers around the world: Haaland, Lewandowski, Cristiano, Messi, Lukaku, Suárez, Falcao, Mbappé, Benzema … Ibrahimovic and Agüero separated for a while due to injury … Even Neymar, to who usually does not consider himself a scorer, but already reaches 400 goals (there are 399) and he […]

“punished” to watch only one television channel

“We can only see for more than a month, Antenna3 and the rest of the channels we cannot tune in because the repeater pole failed and we have been waiting for it to be fixed for more than a month ”. The subject is of municipal competence “and the mayor told us that it would […]

Investment in education: joys and sorrows close together at the Dichtfest

It is progressing. For the students of productive learning and their four teachers, the conditions will be greatly improved. The new building on the premises of the regional school Waren / West is to be completed and handed over in autumn. The Dichtfest was celebrated on Friday, because there is no classic roof structure on […]

“They had been together for 60 years …”

Posted on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 05h55 Through arnaud bishop Thursday morning, help was required in an apartment located at 62 Boulevard d’Avroy in Liège. When they arrived on the scene, the Liège police had discovered real carnage. An 87-year-old lady had just been stabbed in the back by Etienne, her 78-year-old husband. The […]

To empty the yard, the police station auctions scraps of 430 motorcycles – Capital

Defurv’s yard empty after the motorcycles were taken out. (Photo: Civil Police) The Judicial Administrative Department auctioned 430 motorcycles that were stored in the yard of Defurv (Specialized Police Station for the Repression of Vehicle Theft and Theft), in Campo Grande. The motorcycles were no longer entitled to documentation and were purchased for recycling, as […]

São Carlos has already registered 76 cases of dengue in 2021 – daily

(Illustrative photo: Disclosure) São Carlos has already registered 76 positive dengue in 2021 – 58 of which are indigenous and 18 are imported. For Chikungunya, 12 notifications were registered, with 11 cases discarded, 01 awaiting results. For Yellow Fever and Zika no notifications have been registered so far. The Epidemiological Surveillance closed the year 2020 […]