Trump and Poland’s President Duda: To his taste

EIt was the first White President reception in the White House since the beginning of the Corona crisis in the United States. And Donald Trump didn’t wait long to make it clear what it was about. His friend Andrzej Duda did “incredible work,” he said. “Elections are coming up for him. And I think he […]

Trump maintains that coronavirus “will simply disappear” at some point

US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the coronavirus “will just go away” at some point and declined to offer a strategy to deal with spikes in cases in the south and west of the country. “I think we are doing very well with the coronavirus. I think that, at some point, this will simply […]

Afghanistan: Donald Trump, not read not taken

The statement speaks volumes about the nature of the Trump administration, faced with new criticism of the President’s supposed wait-and-see attitude, and his benevolence toward the Kremlin: “The President reads”, Kayleigh McEnany, the White House spokeswoman, said Tuesday. Trump is accused of not reading the notes sent to him by the intelligence services. “The President […]

Who stays with the White House? – News

On November 3 are the presidential elections in the United States and four months from this moment in the country there is an unprecedented crisis. Rather, I would say a crisis “without a president” where Trump chooses to remain silent in the face of the out-of-control situation caused by the massive contagions with Covid-19 and […]

Outrage at Donald Trump’s blasphemy against Angela Merkel: “unbearable”

Donald Trump has reportedly insulted Angela Merkel and other high-ranking politicians over the phone. The US broadcaster CNN reports. This causes outrage among German politicians. Alleged insults by US President Donald Trump against Chancellor Angela Merkel and other heads of government in confidential phone calls have shook heads of German foreign politicians. “I was not […]

Russian bounty report is incorrect

US President Trump rejects the media reports on Russia’s bounty payments as false. The newspapers should disclose their sources, Trump said. Photo series with 16 pictures For the time being, US President Donald Trump spoke directly about the alleged intelligence information about Russian bounty on US soldiers in Afghanistan and rejected the media reports. “The […]

White House Investigation, Trump Deemed Natural Delusions

Washington, – President of the United States (US), Donald Trump, is considered to have delusions and does not master foreign issues when conducting telephone conversations with world leaders. The assessment of Donald Trump’s delusional attitude was conveyed by a number of White House officials, who spoke anonymously to reporter Carl Bernstein, known for his […]

Donald Trump decides to withdraw 9,500 U.S. forces from Germany

Donald Trump has long threatened to withdraw part of the US armed forces from Germany. Now the plans have been finally decided. However, the US president left open when the troops left the country. Photo series with 16 pictures The partial withdrawal of US forces from Germany requested by US President Donald Trump has now […]

Trump told Merkel that she was stupid, he directly humiliated Maya

During hundreds of phone calls with foreign leaders, US President Donald Trump proved to be so incompetent that he posed a danger to American national security. This is claimed by some high-ranking US officials, including former Trump defense and foreign ministers and two security advisers. Other sources from the White House and secret services, with […]