This is the best bread for keeping blood sugar and blood sugar at bay

Here is the best variety of bread to keep blood sugar and high blood sugar levels at bay. @shersor/ It often happens that many think that those suffering from diabetes he has to give up all the most delicious foods to safeguard his health, but this is absolutely not true. Diabetics can still enjoy the […]

World Kidney Day 2022: 6 amazing foods for your kidneys | Health

World Kidney Day 2022: Taking care of kidneys and improving their function requires a dedicated effort. Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet free of sodium and salt can support kidney health in a big way. If you are someone who’s addicted to junk food, it’s high time you get rid of these faulty eating […]

Whole grains, why do they lose weight and increase life expectancy?

Several studies have shown that proper nutrition, along with a healthy lifestyle, are essential to have a longer and disease-free life expectancy. In particular, a research conducted by researchers from the University of Bergen (Norway) and published on PLOS Medicine, has identified an optimal diet (consisting of more whole grains, more legumes and nuts) capable […]