pain, heart attack and autoimmune pathologies

Related news Women and men are different in our way of feeling, of perceiving reality, our anatomy, and also our way of suffering from diseases. Although many people do not know it, the symptoms that women and men develop in some pathologies can vary, just as they vary which diseases each sex suffers from. Not […]

Woman caught her ‘partner’ with lover on a bus

A man was caught by his future wife and mother-in-law on an inter-municipal bus in Castaños, Mexico, while traveling with his ‘girlfriend’. According to the images, the man tries to cover his girlfriend so that the other two women do not attack her. In addition, he received derogatory comments and beatings. In the video, the […]

One of the women who died in Bethany had Covid: family

After the discovery of two lifeless women inside a house on Carrera 38A with Calle 74, Betania neighborhood, north of Barranquilla, who were identified by the authorities as María Isabel Llach de Barros, 54, and her mother Josefina María Barros de Llach, 78, a sister-in-law of one of the deceased, maintained that María Isabel would […]

TikTok. Woman triumphs with the largest mouth in the world; viral video

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 12.11.2020 12:34:06 There is no doubt that on the short video platform, TikTok, we can enjoy content for all types of audiences. In this one, we find a diversity of characters, from those who go viral because of specialized information to those who stand out for their physical appearance. Such […]

The woman got a job… Afghan woman blinded by a weapon in her eyes

A woman’s’both eyes’ attack and blindness just because she got a job in Afghanistan, where women’s rights problems are serious, is shocking. According to Reuters on the 11th, 33-year-old Katera, a female policewoman in Ghazni, Afghanistan, was attacked by three men on a motorcycle on the way home from the police station. The men fired […]

Giggs assaults his girlfriend this time

Ryan Giggs, 47, a “legendary” of England’s professional football team Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United) and the current Welsh national team manager, was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. According to a report by Reuters on the 3rd (Korean time) citing the British popular newspaper The Sun, director Giggs was arrested and investigated […]

Woman used forged document to be able to work in Ribatejo company

The SEF detained a woman in the Carregado area for use of document forgery and irregular stay in the country, that security service said on Saturday. In a statement, the Foreigners and Borders Service states that the 30-year-old woman was arrested on Friday in Carregado and used a false document, namely the residence card of […]

The porn actress Kendra Lust wishes James Rodríguez a speedy recovery

Due to the blow suffered in the testicles by James Rodríguez and that almost left him out of the game against Southampton, personalities reacted on social networks after the event. Among them, the porn actress, Kendra Lust, who responded to the tweet posted by Talk Sport on this social network. Upon learning of the blow […]