Thomas Lilti: “My return to the hospital caused an emotional tsunami”

The director ofHippocrates sign The oath, an autobiographical story book on his career as a doctor and filmmaker. The main trait of your character?Tenacity. A quality and a defect, depending on where I place my cursor. The one you’re least proud of?I am very sensitive, even if I deny it. The one you hate in […]

Alain and Nathalie Delon, a dazzling couple in pictures

She was the only one that the Samurai, in 1964. From their electrical union, was born the actor Anthony Delon. It was he who announced the death of his mother, this Thursday, January 21, 2021, in Paris, from cancer, at the age of 79 years. The world of cinema loses one more star. The actress […]

Camille Cerf wants to ease women with stretch marks

CULTURE – It’s on the website LiveAlike that the TV host Camille Cerf gave an interview to promote her new collaboration with the French lingerie brand Pomm ‘Poire. Miss France 2015 gives advice on how to better accept yourself in your body and “learn to love your flaws” such as stretch marks. “For example, I […]

36 women enrolled in the marketing course organized by Equality

estella-lizarra – A total of 36 participants have registered for the training program on line in digital marketing presented by the Equality area of ​​the Estella-Lizarra City Council for women entrepreneurs within the project called Extraordinary: digital marketing to grow from local to globall ‘. After the success of the call, the Estella City Council […]

Unique needs for the financial well-being of women

However, coming to the end of the year, with the great economic impacts of the pandemic and with the hope placed on the recent vaccines created by major pharmaceutical companies, there is an area that will require more attention from companies, government, employers and financial intermediaries : the financial health of workers. And a separate […]

Women’s quota Germany check: Only a few female board members

Women in leadership positions It is particularly rare for women to hold positions with direct business responsibility at the moment: only six women are CEOs of the large listed companies. (Photo: dpa) Berlin If the government’s planned quota for board members comes into effect, only about 30 companies would have to change their board structure. […]

The CAC Málaga dives into the recent Swedish cinema directed by women

A look at the latest Swedish cinema signed by a woman. The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga organizes the cycle starting next week ‘The look of the directors’, a program of four titles in VOSE that have in common the authorship of the Scandinavian directors Tuva Novotny, Marina Nyström, Soni Jörgensen, Mia Engberg, Margaux […]

Dr Hasnat Khan, the one Lady Diana really loved

After twelve years of silence, the 62-year-old surgeon spoke in the columns of the Daily Mail, on Friday January 8, on his romance with the Princess of Wales and the shock interview granted by the latter to the BBC, in 1995. The opportunity to come back to the passionate idyll of a discreet couple. There […]

Cutback plans outraged the staff of the Sana Clinic Offenbach

NThe women and men who work on corona vaccines are probably not valued more publicly at the moment than those who are fighting for the survival of Covid 19 patients in intensive care and isolation wards in hospitals. But it is precisely these doctors and nurses who currently feel that the management of the Sana-Klinikum […]