“Seduction patterns create very early anxiety in women around age”

The cross: How do contemporary arts represent ageing? Juliet Rennes: The share of people over 60 in the population has now reached unprecedented proportions. But everything happens as if the visual representations had not followed. This invisibilization particularly affects women. The “Tunnel of the 50-year-old actress” collective, which brings together actors and especially actresses, has […]

Military registration for women. The Ministry of Defense edited the scandalous order

The military have identified 14 specialties and 6 professions for which women will be put on military records. Previously, it was about 35 professional areas that fit under more than 200 military specialties. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Defense. “Mostly we are talking about specialties and professions in the […]

James overtakes Curry at the Western Conference in an NBA All-Star fan vote

After this vote, the top five of the team will be selected.Los Angeles Lakers have overtaken Golden State Warriors at the Curry West Conference, and Durent of Brooklyn’s Nets is leading the vote at the Eastern Conference. In addition to James (Western Conference Long Players – Attackers and “Centers”) and Durent (Eastern Conference Long Players), […]

French unicorns: where are the women in entrepreneurship?

Nicolas, Cyril, Alexandre… In the list of founders of French unicorns, the first names of women are missing. Of these 26 companies, only one, Vestiaire Collective, was founded by a mixed group. 2 or 3% of projects led by women Behind this assessment, hides a strong inequality between men and women entrepreneurs in access to […]