Mini-job meeting at Cerrejón to mediate the labor dispute

The vice minister of Labor Relations and Inspection of the Ministry of Labor Ligia Stella Chaves, presides over a meeting between Sintracarbón and Cerrejón to mediate in the strike that has been going on for 78 days. The ministry explains that once the 60 days established by the numeral 4 of article 448 of the […]

The head of the National Bank went to negotiations with the IMF

Photo: NBU press service Kirill Shevchenko faces difficult negotiations in the USA Kirill Shevchenko will be on a working visit to the United States for almost a week – during November 8-13. Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Kirill Shevchenko has left for a working visit to the United States. In Washington, he will […]

Out of the rubble trapped between the ruined buildings; heartbreaking scenes!

Social media is now abuzz with the sight of pets being rescued by rescuers from the rubble of buildings destroyed in an earthquake in Turkey. Rescuers first found a kitten among the shattered concrete slabs. The rescue squad wasn’t called for him, he said. Emerging care shows that animals’ lives are as precious as human […]

Scotland study: Health workers and their families are 1 in 6 hospitalized for covid-19

The workers of the Health and its families represent a sixth (17%) of hospital admissions for covid-19 in the working-age population (18-65 years), according to a study conducted in Scotland and published by ‘The BMJ’. Although hospital admission with covid-19 in this group of age was very low overall, the risk to health workers and […]

Autistic IT Consultants Paid $ 90,000 to $ 220,000

A firm of star billionaire Richard Branson is looking for a hundred autistic Quebec consultants in information technology (IT) paid “in the six figures”. “In an interview, to say that you have autism is a double-edged sword. It can help or harm. With Auticonsult’s support, it was said from the start, so it made things […]

Hospital de Cereté will continue to be intervened by the Superintendency of Health

The improvements in infrastructure, the recovery of the portfolio and the opening of services are three of the objectives set by the health authorities in front of the Sandiego de Cereté Hospital, which will continue to be operated for another year. The Health Superintendent, Fabio Aristizábal Ángel stated that “the intervention ordered at the Sandiego […]

This is how Infonavit AMLO reform will benefit

According to Infonavit, the acquisition of a new home only represents 30% of the 9.4 million actions required in housing matters and detected by Infonavit; the rest of the needs correspond to improvements, extensions, expansion and improvement, and replacement of housing. Direct delivery Direct mechanisms exist in Infonavit and are intended to strengthen with the […]