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Coronavirus vaccine race: top candidates

WASHINGTON – In a race for a vaccine designed to put an end to the global COVID-19 pandemic, eight participants pulled ahead. Eight candidate vaccines … Read more

Raymond Arrieta announces “Da Vida” walk has been postponed until further notice

Due to the situation in the country, due to the outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19, the entertainer and comedian Raymond Arrieta, announced that the Da … Read more

how COVID-19 turns body cells into viral factories

When the coronavirus attacks the body of its next victim, it turns the patient’s own cells into original factories for the production of new viruses. … Read more

Coronavirus Live News: The death toll is over 20,000 worldwide as Spain overtakes China as the second worst country

Ricardo Salinas Pliego has also blown up the idea of ​​quarantine and business shutdown, calling it a cure worse than the disease and downplaying the … Read more