A young university student was found dead inside a home in Yopal

The Attorney General’s Office suspended and disqualified for 12 months the former mayor of Yopal, Casanare, Jorge García Lizarazo (2015), for omitting the delivery of goods acquired by the territorial entity whose final recipient was the police command of that municipality . The Attorney General’s Office verified that despite having received the items from the […]

Koulamoutou/Café Young Dynamic Workers (JDT)

Koulamoutou/Café Young Dynamic Workers (JDT) September 27, 2023 After a long period of suspension of its activities due to Covid 19 and especially a difference in the private agenda of its members, Jeunes Dynamiques Travailleurs (JDT) relaunched its activities with a working session which took place this Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at Koula-Moutou. This working […]

A WhatsApp message threatens the life of a young man and sends 3 to prison

Home accidents and crimes 23 seconds ago Watan Al-Youm: Messages on the “WhatsApp” application almost claimed the life of a young man, while throwing two brothers and their friend into prison.In detail, a young man (the victim) got to know three others (the defendants) via the social networking program “WhatsApp,” and then a dispute broke […]

Young Africans Mars and Primero Agosto Crescent

Jacob Haj AdamYoung Africans Mars and Primero Agosto Crescent Sudan’s representatives will enter the Al-Merreikh and Al-Hilal teams in the African forums next Saturday and Sunday, two major tests, one outside the bases and the other inside the bases, where the Al-Merreikh team faces its host, the Tanzanian team Young Africans, in its home, and […]

With promises to be models, the subject would have subjected young girls in Meta

A mother, her daughter and her granddaughter, who were forced to abandon the property located in the La Julia inspection, due to the pressure exerted by the FARC guerrilla, recovered a house lot of 4,162 square meters. This is contemplated in the sentence handed down by the First Civil Court of the Specialized Circuit in […]