Donation for the DRK – Freiburg

THE SPARKASSE Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau supports the work of the Freiburg district association of the German Red Cross (DRK) in the current corona pandemic. CEO Marcel Thimm (with a blue suit) and regional director Beate Schwarz (to the left of the symbolic check) presented a donation of 5000 euros. “More work and less income for the […]

Two days of warning strikes: today bus and train, tomorrow daycare

29.09.2020  06:17 23.743 Two days of warning strikes: today bus and train, tomorrow daycare Commuters and parents should prepare for strikes today and tomorrow. Dresden – Attention, strike (s)! Today, Tuesday, there will be massive failures in public transport on buses and trains, and many urban daycare centers will remain closed on Wednesday morning. Warning, […]

180 million unused. And private buses remain in the sheds-

The USSR was that place where workers and vehicles were many, but they remained stationary. The demand for the fruits of their labor remained unsatisfied. And politicians and bureaucrats argued for months, unable to bring the one and the other together. To Gabriele Saija, who is 25 years old, photos of crowded buses and subways […]

Hong Kong Tourism Board Open airspace online 360 ​​degrees

29 October 2020 78 Launched “Air Travel Bubble” (ATB) connecting travel between Hong Kong and Singapore. Giving people from these two aviation hubs to travel When not Nan came here The Hong Kong and Singapore governments have agreed to the opening principle. Air Travel Bubble” (ATB) Connecting travel between Hong Kong and Singapore Allowing people […]

Montluçon Hospital Center: a new orthopedic surgeon and a new dynamic

It is finally a return for Doctor Arnaud Pelletier who joined the othopedic platform of the Montluçon hospital center since September 7th. Because the latter made replacements there during his last year of clinic. He also worked for several years at the Saint-François clinic, before moving to Moulins. New doctors hoped for, request for a […]

U.S. Trade Representative’s official statement “Supporting WTO Secretary General Myung-hee Yu”

[앵커] The World Trade Organization’s WTO nominated Nigeria’s former Finance Minister as the new secretary-general instead of Myung-hee Myung-hee, Director General of Trade and Bargaining. A final round preference survey of 164 member states was conducted, indicating that Nigerian candidate Okonjoy Weala gained more support. We have not disclosed the specific number of votes. However, […]

Patrimony. Facade restoration for the temple steeple

For aficionados of the Saturday morning market in Thionville, the temple of the Protestant Reformed Church, located in the Passage du Temple, is a privileged meeting point. For some time, however, the building has gradually been adorned with scaffolding announcing work. Operations that follow the fall of small stones that could be observed last year. […]