Olympia 2021 in Tokyo wants to celebrate world after corona crisis

The Olympic Festival is sure to rise. But not now. The crisis still has a firm grip on the world. Image: Reuters The biggest festival that has ever been celebrated, the party after the crisis, is already being planned. But it sounds a little worrying what one reads from the designers of the Olympic opening ceremony in Tokyo in 2021....

The head of the UFC sued for non-compliance with the non-disclosure agreement – RT in Russian

Short link 08:19 The head of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) Dana White was sued due to non-compliance with the non-disclosure agreement.According to the Las Vegas Review, a lawsuit in the court of Clark County, Nevada, filed a real estate agent Ernesto Joshua Ramos. The lawsuit states that White did not fulfill the non-disclosure agreement, according to which he had to pay $ 450 thousand for...

FCK and KSC – Mind game: insolvency plan – sport

Soeren Oliver Voigt does not want to say anything publicly when asked about the recently bright future prospects of 1. FC Kaiserslautern. There is only one skinny statement from the press office. The man, who has been the managing director of the crisis-ridden third division club for several months, can be quoted as saying that when he took office he knew about the "explosive...

Will Qatar really save L1?

While Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the president of PSG, is on the front line to defend the interests of French football against TV broadcasters, the double game of Qatar in this case could ultimately benefit L1. Otherwise, some would already have a plan B. It is a paradox that the very patroness of the LFP, Nathalie Boy de la Tour, emphasized before accommodating herself for...

Sport compact: age limit lowered – way clear for BVB super talent Moukoko

From "A" like American football to "F" like football to "Z" like decathlon: the world of sport is diverse. Every day somewhere in the world, more or less important competitions take place, which due to the dominance of fewer sports are hardly noticed or even go under. Wrongly, we think - and report here and above all about high-class sport away from football.+++ Age...
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Coronavirus: he tries to get to Spain by hiking trails, he ends up being rescued by the firefighters

After more than two weeks of confinement, it seems that some have still not understood the principle of this measure. Indeed, in...

Warship from Venezuela rams German cruiser

Only slight scratches on the German cruise shipThis maneuver backfired powerfully. A warship from Venezuela is said to have intentionally rammed a German cruise...

Coronavirus in Cuba: medical students seek patients house by house

Cuba's medical services, harshly criticized by the United States and Brazil, reappear to applause, including from Europe, to combat the coronavirus pandemic, and give...

Coronavirus: the Racing statement that puts the rest of the clubs in trouble

Racing He became the first Argentine club to...

Maribel Guardia demonstrates why she is the queen; shown without makeup and great body: PHOTO

For her there is no excuse, exercise is a rigorous discipline like eating healthy three times a day. The actress Maribel guard once again...