For the sake of 5G in Indonesia, does 2G technology need to be eliminated?

Jakarta – Technology 5G It has been introduced since May 2021 in Indonesia. But the reality is that it was only fiery at the beginning, and now it seems like there is no movement. The limited availability of spectrum owned by cellular operators and an ecosystem that has not yet been formed are the stumbling […]

90 percent mark for coverage with the 5G radio standard

Dusseldorf Vodafone has recently increased its pace of expansion significantly. At the end of July 2022, the company was only at 66 percent household coverage, now it is 24 percentage points more. However, the value is only moderately meaningful, after all, people want a good network everywhere and not just where many people live, i.e. […]

“Minimum Price Acceptance Rules: Get the Best Price Guaranteed!”

Rules for the acceptance of the minimum price: We fight every day to get the best prices for you, So if you find this product on a Spanish website at a lower price than ours, Fill out the form and we will try to match or improve it as much as possible. Conditions not valid […]

Huawei Has a Big Share in 5G, But Can’t Make 5G HP

Jakarta – Network technology 5G very complex, and standardization in it was made by many companies. The company with the largest share in this technology is Huawei. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is the body behind the development of 5G (and other communications standards and protocols), and it includes companies from various industries, Huawei […]