Human Resources announces the upper limit for the recruitment of domestic workers from Uganda, Thailand, Kenya, Bangladesh and the Philippines

Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has begun to oblige all establishments that provide the mediation service in the recruitment of domestic workers not to exceed the maximum cost ceiling set by the ministry. The ministry aims to regulate the procedures and governance of prices in the recruitment market, […]

Details of a potential deal for the Investment Fund to buy 30% of “Al Musafir” company… and disclose its value

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Seera Group issued a statement announcing its conclusion yesterday (Monday) of the non-binding conditions document with the Public Investment Fund regarding the proposed investment of the fund in Al-Mosafer Travel and Tourism Company (a company wholly owned by Seera). The company said in a statement to “Tadawul” that Al-Mosafer Company currently owns […]

A dermatologist reveals the name of an inexpensive drug that treats eczema by 90%

Al-Marsad newspaper: A dermatologist and content maker on “Tik Tok” revealed a cheap product that can treat “eczema”. The doctor explained that this product is “Alpha Cort”, and its price is only 6 riyals, and it can treat 90% of eczema disease, and make it much better than it was. The doctor pointed out that […]

Watch .. A specialist reveals a new way to build a villa in Riyadh with the “Rapidol” technology… and “explains” its advantages

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A construction specialist revealed, through a video clip posted on social media, the advantages of building with the “Rapidwall” technology, by showing its implementation in one of the villas in Riyadh. Rapidwall technology The publisher of the video said that the construction has several techniques, there is Rapidwall, cold iron, ready-made concrete and […]

Mercato: Ronaldo tenses the Manchester United locker room

Eager to set sail, Cristiano Ronaldo has still not found a base. One thing is certain, the soap opera around the future of the Portuguese striker is creating a stir in the Manchester United locker room. Ronaldo grows impatient with Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo loves the Champions League and the Champions League loves Cristiano Ronaldo. […]

OM 4-1 Reims: video summary – Season

Here, the Olympians won against Stade de Reims (4-1). A reassuring and convincing performance, while OM had to get off to a good start against a diminished Reims. Find the video summary of the meeting with the goals of Field (csc), Tavares et Suarez (x2) en click here. Do not miss Ex-OM: Radonjic can’t stop! […]

For the first time, the construction of prefabricated concrete houses in Hail… and the disclosure of the construction period • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A citizen documented a video clip of the construction of prefabricated concrete houses in Hail. During the video, the citizen reviewed some concrete pieces and houses under construction. Pointing out that this method speeds up the process of housing delivery to homes. The citizen said: “The buildings are strong and stable, and the […]

Football: An exhausted FCM ends its preparation with a draw

At the Parc des Sports de la Coudoulière, at the end of the afternoon, the Sang et Or draw 1-1 against Olympique d’Alès Cévennes in a friendly. This match announces the end of the preparation before the start of the National Championship, next Friday. Place at the National for the FCM. Grégory Poirier’s players end […]