Marc Van Ranst: “We have to realize that the virus is still there. Stay home”

The epidemiologist will not be going on vacation this summer, and he encourages people to do the same. Marc Van Ranst, interviewed on VTM Nieuws Wednesday evening, returned to the opening of European borders and the risks it involves. The European Union has opened its borders to fifteen countries. But for the epidemiologist, it is […]

“We have to realize that the virus is still there (…) Stay at home!”

Posted on Thursday July 2, 2020 at 08:47 By Sudinfo The virologist gave his advice and expressed some fears for the Belgians who would like to go abroad in the coming weeks. This Wednesday evening, Marc Van Ranst was invited on VTM Nieuws to talk about holidays. As we know, the question is on the […]

Lanbide receives more than 10,000 applications for aid to the self-employed

Applying for aid for the self-employed this morning has been a real ordeal. The term opened at 00.01 hours and everyone was aware that only the fastest would access the grant. The avalanche of requests caused the collapse of the Lanbide website, that at 8:30 am today it had already registered more than 10,000 requests. […]

Two missions to unravel the mystery of black holes | Science

At the center of our galaxy, and probably at the center of all the others, there are objects easier to name than to imagine. Supermassive black holes are millions or even billions of times the mass of the Sun, which in turn equals 330,000 Earths. Ours, the Milky Way galaxy, is relatively close, 27,000 light […]