The Golden Rules That Made Soros and Buffett Millionaires | Economy

If there was a walk of fame in the financial world, it would surely have its golden star Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, George Soros and Bill Gross. The year has just started under various uncertainties – conflict between the United States and Iran, lower economic growth, low interest rates, Brexit and trade tensions – it […]

Microsoft and its commitment to a more sustainable world | Additional features

Sustainability and caring for the planet has ceased to be a fad to become a strategic priority for companies. Microsoft has stood out for leading this commitment to protecting the Earth. “For a society like ours to be healthy, it needs a healthy planet”, is one of the slogans of technology. Maintaining nature and biodiversity […]

Technology and medicine, hand in hand to achieve social well-being

ANDWe are in the race to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set in the government’s agenda for 2030. If we have learned anything in these months it is that time management is essential to lay the foundations and achieve our goals, although 2030 It sounds a little distant. One of these objectives, the third, […]

These are the 585 train stations that Adif considers non-strategic | Companies

With a network of more than 15,000 kilometers of roads that sew Spain from top to bottom, between conventional and European gauge, and 639 stations under its management, the Adif group has put the strategic lineup exclusively to 54 of the latter. A recognition with which the public company has managed to reduce the enormous […]

Marc Van Ranst: “We have to realize that the virus is still there. Stay home”

The epidemiologist will not be going on vacation this summer, and he encourages people to do the same. Marc Van Ranst, interviewed on VTM Nieuws Wednesday evening, returned to the opening of European borders and the risks it involves. The European Union has opened its borders to fifteen countries. But for the epidemiologist, it is […]

“We have to realize that the virus is still there (…) Stay at home!”

Posted on Thursday July 2, 2020 at 08:47 By Sudinfo The virologist gave his advice and expressed some fears for the Belgians who would like to go abroad in the coming weeks. This Wednesday evening, Marc Van Ranst was invited on VTM Nieuws to talk about holidays. As we know, the question is on the […]