A resident of Galdakao manages to stop his eviction and obtain a social rental

In November of last year, fifty people gathered in Galdakao to denounce the attempted eviction of Patxi Colorado. A resident of the municipality who found himself unable to pay his mortgage: «I was without work for a year and a half, during which a large debt was generated. “I asked for a delay that was […]

Keijzer advises Overijssel: achieve quick results in ‘canal drama’

Keijzer, recently a candidate Member of Parliament and even prime ministerial candidate of the BBB, makes recommendations in that report for the settlement of claims and how confidence in the province can be restored. Members of Parliament were able to question her about this in the provincial government building on Wednesday. Next week there will […]

Al-Bashir to Al-Watan: The coming days are decisive in liberating our regions, and we will continue until we achieve our goal… The clans of Deir Ezzor announce the general mobilization and expel the “SDF” from several cities and towns

The state of escalation and violent clashes continued for the third day in a row in the cities and towns of the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor between the armed men of the so-called “Deir ez-Zor Military Council” and the militias of the “Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF”, against the backdrop of the latter’s arrest […]

Čudars: Latvia may not achieve the climate goals in 2030

On Tuesday, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the informative report of the Ministry of Climate and Energy (KEM) on the fulfillment of obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) was reviewed. The report states that the climate goals set for the period from 2013 to 2020 have […]

Researchers at Hospital de Mar manage to detect covid by the sound of coughing

Researchers from the Hospital del Mar Pulmonology Service and the Hospital del Mar Research Institute have managed to detect covid and its level of severity using such a minimally invasive method such as analysis of the patient’s cough. The research, in which the Bioengineering Institute of Catalonia (IBEC) and the Center for Biomedical Research in […]

Minister of Finance: The strategic alternative is still under study, and what is being circulated is unrealistic in its numbers and does not achieve its goals in terms of justice among employees

Finance Minister Manaf Al-Hajri said today, Saturday, that the strategic alternative to salaries is still under study, and its elements that achieve its original goals have not been completed in a way that serves public administration in the country in particular and the national economy in general. Minister Al-Hajri said in a statement to Kuwait […]

He received an invitation from the Saudi monarch to participate in the upcoming Arab League summit … President Assad: The summit will promote joint action to achieve the aspirations of the peoples

President Bashar al-Assad received an invitation from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to participate in the thirty-second session of the Arab League Council meeting at the summit level, which will be held in Jeddah on May 19. The invitation […]