The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement, following the cancellation of an academic symposium, calls on the active forces in Kuwaiti society to confront the series of retreat from intellectual freedoms and attempts to obliterate the civil character of the Kuwaiti state with government collusion with reactionary parties.

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement criticized what it described as the government’s collusion with reactionary parties to restrict freedoms and rights. The movement said in a press statement: Week after week, the government continues with the reactionary parties, presenting successive episodes of their miserable series based on collusion between them to restrict democratic rights and freedoms, […]

Request Singapore to play an active role in Rohingya repatriation

Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen requested Singapore to play an active role bilaterally and within the framework of Southeast Asian alliance ASEAN to accelerate the repatriation of Rohingya. These issues were discussed in the third Foreign Office Consultation (FOC) between Bangladesh and Singapore at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday (August 16). Bangladesh and […]

Threads loses almost 80% of active users in a month

The number of active users of the red social Threadsproperty of Mark Zuckerbergis down almost five times compared to the peak figures in mid-July. The analysis was made by the newspaper The echoeswhich cites data from Similarweban analytics company that evaluates the audience using devices Android. According to the results, on July 7 the number […]

尹 “Communist Totalitarianism Blindly Followed by Anti-State Forces Still Active”

[광복절 78주년] Liberation Day Congratulatory Message “Democracy-Human Rights-Progress Disguise Using false propaganda… You must not give in” Japanese Yen “Universal Value-Profit Sharing Partner” Entering the Liberation Day Ceremony with the Two Patriots President Yoon Seok-yeol enters the event with patriot Oh Seong-gyu in a wheelchair at the 78th Liberation Day ceremony held at the auditorium […]

Making the education and training system of Islamic schools active is the most important need of the hour: Maulana Marghubur Rahman Qasmi

Situations have come, but we don’t need to be disappointed: Maulana Hakeemuddin QasmiThe consultative meeting of the Coordination Madrasas Islamia Arabia Bihar concluded well, a large number of district presidents and administrators, deputies, staff members, and special invitees participated, the need to pay attention to the establishment of self-supporting schools, emphasis on making the district […]

FVD is less active in the House of Representatives than other factions

In the period from March 23, 2017, when FVD took office in the House of Representatives, until May 22 of this year, the Forum party was absent from eight votes on (legislative) proposals. The CU and PvdD did not miss any of these votes. For motions that had to be voted on, no one from […]

Canada registers more than 400 active forest fires

He Canadian government confirmed on Monday the existence of 413 forest fires assets, which have burned an area of ​​land 11 times the size of the city of Toronto, noting that the climate change It will influence this season to be one of the worst in a long time. At a press conference from Parliament […]

President of Unimed-Rio must clarify non-compliance with decision

Judge Alexandre Freitas Câmara, acting president of the 9th Chamber of Private Law of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, determined this Tuesday (5/30) that the president of Unimed-Rio, Antonio Romeu Scofano Júnior, be summoned to attend his office next Tuesday (6/6), at 2 pm. Unimed-Rio failed to comply with an order to […]