The iconic act of Marilyn Monroe changed owners: the Divine MM was auctioned for …

Tom Kelley’s photographs adorned the pages of the very first issue of Playboy, first published in December 1953, which Monroe had to buy herself in order to view the material about herself. “The act helped Marilyn to star career while strengthening Playboy magazine, which has become an iconic part of American culture,” Nate D. Sanders […]

Germany celebrates National Socialism Liberation Day with limited acts

BY JUAN CARLOS BARRENA Germany celebrates today the Liberation Day of National Socialism, the 75th anniversary of the German capitulation in World War II and the end of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime, with restricted acts due to the coronavirus crisis. The planned grand state event ordered by Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier in front of […]

Virtual events and a march: this is how it will be lived on May 1 – Informed, upon return

Left parties, social organizations and unions will hold commemorations on this May 1, virtual events with transmission on line and solidarity actions for International Workers’ Day, in an emergency context due to the coronavirus pandemic that prevents the concentrations and mobilizations that take place every year on this date. The legislator in Córdoba for the […]

Barakaldo will place cameras on mechanical ramps to avoid vandalism

Barakaldo City Council will use surveillance cameras to stop acts of vandalism in the dozen mechanical accesses that exist in the municipality. The factory Consistory has just installed three security cameras on the ramps of Eguskiagirre, the most recent. These will be followed by those of Llano and Rontegi, where a gap was already prepared […]

Girona keeps the events of Mobile Week

Girona maintains the acts foreseen for the Mobile Week despite the cancellation of Mobile World Congress (MWC) of Barcelona, for the risk of coronavirus. Activities in the city are scheduled for Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February, although this week the ‘Capacities and Prepared’ exhibition has already opened at the La Mercè Cultural Center. The […]