Those pines effect of depopulation

We could say, all together in one go. An international research carried out by the Spaniard Gabriel Sangüesa Barreda of the Dendrology laboratory of the Dafne Department (University of Valladolid) has shown that many specimens of loricate pine and hooked pine, centuries-old trees, settled in the Renaissance, in a synchronous and wide wave ladder. From […]

If the bees disappear, will see financial institutions billions of apply NOW

If the biodiversity is reduced, that the economy is in danger, and, to conclude, The Dutch central Bank (de nederlandsche bank) and the Planning bureau for the living Environment (PBL) on Thursday in a joint research project. With the disappearance of a species, such as bees, many food crops are pollinating, it would be about […]

Europe places biodiversity in its revival

Where is the European revival post-Covid-19? The calls have multiplied so that this economic plan is ambitious, financially and that it responds to the climatic and social emergency. This is the meaning of the proposal made by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel a few days ago: A recovery fund based on solidarity and the strengthening […]

The Brussels biodiversity plan

The European Commission has the goal of transforming 30% of land and seas into protected areas. By Leonor Hubaut It is not a matter “To tell people what to do, but to explain to them how they can make informed choices”, specifies Frans Timmermans. JOHN THYS / AFP Protect biodiversity and promote healthy food and […]

“Attacks against nature are part of the health crisis”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – The Covid-19 pandemic must not obscure the protection of biodiversity, recall the famous primatologist and the Director-General of Unesco during a cross-interview at the Figaro. By Delphine Chayet and Cyrille Vanlerberghe Jane Goodall (left) primatologist and ambassador for the Great Apes Survival Partnership, and Audrey Azoulay, Director General of Unesco. pierremouton On […]

Pesticides, food, biodiversity: what the European Commission offers

Several weeks late, the European Commission presented the last two main pillars of its strategy “Sustainable growth”, the Green Deal. It’s rare enough to be stressed, these new announcements of “From the farm to the fork” strategies, and on the protection of biodiversity, surprised by their ambition, including on the side of civil society. “The […]

Living with biodiversity, inspiring examples

Published on : 05/20/2020 – 20:40 The health crisis that we are going through makes us wonder about our relationship with biodiversity. Eating wildlife or destroying forests are behaviors that scientists now consider risky. Some species carrying virus unknown until then can contaminate us and we know the rest … But be careful not to […]

nature has (a little) benefited from confinement

“ Lat nature has taken back its rights “ : the formula, which flourished during confinement, is misleading. Because the ball remains in the court of men, whose development model leaves little respite for other species, as shown by the last global assessment of the “IPCC of biodiversity”, IPBES, in May 2019. And, if the […]

“We must place the living at the heart of the recovery”

The cross : What lessons do you learn from this period of confined nature? Pierre Dubreuil: These eight weeks of confinement were a new and exceptional period, the lessons of which are multiple. First, we saw the power of nature’s resilience, with these wild species, these birds and these mammals which were quick to occupy […]