Keiko Fujimori: The Prosecutor’s Office Provides Evidence That Keiko Fujimori Received Cash in Person | Jose Domingo Perez | Mark Vito Villanella | Public Ministry | fujimorismo | Politics

defense of Keiko Fujimori complained to the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez the precision of the accusations, the visualization of the evidence and the clarification of contradictions in the complaint for money laundering and other crimes against the head of Fuerza Popular. In response, the prosecution of the case presented for the first time the information […]

A doctor was taken into custody: he was sentenced to prison and could be funded by chubby patients

Sick money clients, “patients” admitted on paper, convicts postponing their imprisonment suspectedly funded the 63-year-old doctor, who was detained by Pest County economic protection investigators. According to a statement from the Pest County Police Headquarters, the 63-year-old doctor was already interrogated last summer on suspicion of accepting a bribe. Police already suspected it was not […]

they postpone their hearing for January; judge orders him to go

Rubén Mosso Mexico City / 08.11.2021 10:19:08 A federal judge ordered former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya to physically appear at the hearing where he will be charged by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for allegedly receiving a bribe of 6 million 800 thousand pesos to approve the energetic reform in the past administration. Marco Antonio […]

La Jornada – Lozoya is authorized to extend the hearing period

Mexico City. The former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya Austin, was granted three more months for the hearing to close the investigation against him. The foregoing in a brief hearing in which neither the representation of the Federal Public Ministry nor Pemex opposed the federal judge based in the North Prison to accept […]