Five dead and 21 injured in a crash between a bus and a tractor in Santander

The collision of an inter-municipal transport bus from the Libertadores company and a tractor-trailer in the early hours of this Sunday leaves, so far, five people dead, including a minor, and another 21 injured. According to the first report from the authorities, the crash occurred in the road between Bucaramanga and Pamplona (Norte de Santander) […]

More than 500 square meters of Bucaramanga will be intervened with graffiti art

Within the framework of the 400 years of Bucaramanga, the Instutober Corporation, a Graphic Art collective that has a human team that has created a methodology based on social inclusion and education to transform socially through art, present the Urban Art Festival “Paint La Bonita” 400 years, a proposal that integrates different cultural disciplines promoting […]

Overcrowding of bodies in Bucaramanga Legal Medicine

Asonal Judicial announced that there is overcrowding of bodies in the Legal Medicine refrigerators in Bucaramanga and they assured that an immediate solution is not in sight. There are 50 people who have not been claimed by their relatives, where several bodies with 22 years in the entity are even reported. Luis José Arévalo, president […]

Police recover stolen bicycles and search for the owners in Bogotá

By Ariadne Agamez Lombana October 17, 2021 at 07:32 hrs. Police recover stolen bicycles and are now looking for the owners in Bogotá. The institution has carried out operations in the city to recover bicycles. In these operations they have recovered several bicycles so he is now looking for the owners. Owners of stolen bicycles […]

British MP was stabbed to death while serving citizens

Conservative MP David Amess, who was stabbed on Friday while serving citizens of his constituency in Essex (southeast England), has died, police reported. In a statement, the Essex Police said they are “in a position to confirm” that Amess is the victim of the attack on a Leigh-On-Sea church, for which a 25-year-old man who […]

Homeless man confessed to brutal murder to go to jail

A street dweller confessed to brutal murder in order to go to jail and not have to starve. The 59-year-old man confessed to a murder he committed 38 years ago. He did it because he was already tired of being cold and hungry. “I will not sleep on the streetHe told the cops. Confessed to […]

Mass capture of 21 criminals for theft and homicide in a major Police operation

Several criminals were fleeing from the authorities in the municipality of Fusagasugá. Mass capture of 21 criminals for theft and homicide in a major police operation. Various criminals operated in different departments of the country who were captured in a recent operation by the National Police. Among those captured are aliases ‘El Soldado’ and aliases […]

Confirmed conviction of seven soldiers for rape of Emberá girl

They confirm the conviction of seven soldiers for raping an Emberá girl, as it became known in the last hours. The above, after the uniformed men sexually accessed her when she was 12 years old. Soldiers convicted of raping Embera girl The Superior Court of Pereira confirmed in second instance the sentence to 16 years […]

The debts of the peace agreement five years after signing

On September 26, 2016, the then president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and the last FARC commander, Rodrigo Londoño, signed a peace agreement in Cartagena to end half a century of armed conflict but today, five years later, uncertainty marks the path of its implementation. That agreement suffered its first setback just six days later […]