The nurses refused to put on their veils on the plane. They were fined heavily

Police reported the case on Monday, but resolved the incident at the airport on Friday last week. The 37-year-old twins from Hungary did not have veils on board the plane bound from Budapest to Munich, even though it is mandatory across Europe. “Although women have been warned several times by air personnel that they must […]

Budapest already hits foreign tourists in Hungary

The Budapesters of 7e district will tell you: chandeliers they had not spent such peaceful nights! Leading the festival destinations for several years, the old Jewish quarter, in the center of the capital, gradually emptied in early March 2020. The effect of the Covid-19. The same unusual calm reigns on the Danube, where a cruise […]

Cheap train instead of cheap flight – WORLD

Z.To greet the guests there was great brass band music from the Trachtenkapelle: This is how Ruhpolding and other holiday resorts in the Alps once received the first package holidaymakers from the northern parts of the country during the economic miracle years. They had had a night on rails, spartan in six-bed couchette compartments. It’s […]

Corona crisis: Soon there will only be hunger artists in Germany

Dhe Berlin Philharmonic is said to still go on an Israel tour on May 1st, although follow-up concerts in Prague, Budapest and Vienna have long since been canceled, but Brussels and Luxembourg are still on the agenda. Are people there now corona-immune? Of course not, only the organizers have not yet canceled, so the orchestra […]

ARD “The Driven”: When Merkel’s husband doubted “We can do it”

EIt could also have been a “dawn of the gods”. The downfall of a politician. Beginning of the end. And we keep hearing an exciting Ostinato motif, which is no coincidence that it resembles the stormy beginning of the “Valkyrie”. Incidentally, the only authentic filming location in these two TV hours is the Bayreuth Festival […]

Tagore, Kassák, Connelly … the Books selection of “Libé”

Wanderings, of Lajos Kassák. Translated from Hungarian and prefaced by Roger Richard. Séguier, 248 pp., € 19. Hungarian avant-garde writer, painter and poet Lajos Kassák tells the picaresque story of his walking tour from Budapest to Paris, which he undertook in 1909 at the age of 22. His traveling companions include the wood sculptor Gödrös […]