The student developed a motorcycle in the style of Jawa, it is with a plywood hood

Updates: 13.07.2020 13:45 Released: 13.07.2020, 13:45 Pěnčín (Liberec) – The plywood hood differs from others at first glance by a small motorcycle developed by this year’s graduate of the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Železný Brod, Roman Mareš from Vitanovice near Turnov. Its prototype called Awaj is in the style of Czech Jawa motorcycles […]

A Pole bombing illegally after three days of escape gave the animal a zoo

Updates: 12.07.2020 19:14 Released: 12.07.2020, 19:05 Warsaw – For three days, a man who was illegally keeping a bomb was hiding from the authorities in the Silesian Voivodeship in southern Poland. On Friday, he escaped into the wild with the animal in front of the zoo staff, who came from the court decision, accompanied by […]

The US Navy has the first black jet pilot

Updates: 12.07.2020 06:50 Released: 12.07.2020, 06:50 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Navy has welcomed the first black jet pilot in its ranks, the AP agency announced today. “We’re making history!” the navy wrote on twitter to report that lieutenant Madeline Swegle had completed a school for naval pilots and would receive “golden wings” this month, […]

A 63-year-old Czech biker died in the south of Austria

Updates: 11.07.2020 13:13 Released: 11.07.2020, 13:13 Vienna – A 66-year-old Czech biker died in an accident on Friday night in the village of Sankt Jakob im Rosental in the Villach countryside district. The APA agency informed about it today. According to the police, the man came across a sign built in a traffic island before […]

Storms can flood rivers in the northeast of the Czech Republic

Updates: 10.07.2020 20:54 Released: 10.07.2020, 12:16 Prague – The storms that arrived in the Czech Republic this afternoon can turn into more permanent precipitation, especially in the north of Moravia and Silesia. Therefore, on Saturday, there is a risk of rising flows in the northeast, which may reach the first degree of flood activity, in […]

The flight of one L-159 from Čáslav to Pardubice was prevented by a defect

Updates: 07.07.2020 13:56 Released: 07.07.2020, 13:55 Čáslav (Kutnohorsko) – Today, part of the JAS-39 Gripen and L-159 Alca aircraft moved from the Čáslav base to the backup airport in Pardubice, due to the exclusion of air traffic. Six Gripen aircraft and the same number of L-159 Alca fighters were to take off. However, a technical […]

Hygienists noted others infected from a new outbreak in Církvice

Updates: 06.07.2020 19:15 Released: 06.07.2020, 17:57 Kutná Hora – Hygienists recorded two more infected in connection with the new outbreak of coronavirus in Církvice in the Kutná Hora region. Thus, there are a total of 15. Visits to the Kolín and Kutná Hora hospitals and homes for the elderly in Čáslav and Kutná Hora were […]