They are not proud that we have an Oscar winner. Why not?

Alinda’s table is much more crowded than usual, because the Oscar-winning graphic artist and cartoonist Ferenc Rofusz brought not only his Oscar to the conversation (which you can see here for a nominal sum), but also a bunch of gifts: a bouquet of flowers, a special edition of the Last Supper, A commemorative card issued […]

Never make this mistake again!

I stuffed the large tape recorder into my sock, put on a pair of baggy pants to cover it, and prayed that it wouldn’t fall out by the time I got to the gate, or that the security guard wouldn’t kick my ankles. I was quite determined to capture the experience that awaited me as […]

Renforce children’s bed linen made of 100% cotton – farm 135 x 200 cm | Children – 135 x 200 cm | Children’s bedding | bedding

Product information “Renforce children’s bed linen made of 100% cotton – farm 135 x 200 cm” Cool Renforce children’s bedding by Carpe Sonno. Fantastically beautiful bed linen made of 100% cotton. Modern colors and an elegant design are combined. Material: Renforce (100% Baumwolle)Type of closure: zipperCare: 40 degrees, suitable for tumble dryingDimensions: 135 x 200 cm / […]

Péter Kőváry, a former frontman of Neo, died at the age of 50

Péter Kőváry, a musician, died after a long-term serious illness. The news was announced on Facebook by his brother, Zoltán Kőváry, also a musician. Kőváry died at the age of 50 among his family. Kőváry has been a well-known face in Hungarian light music for many years. He started in the band Rag Doll with […]

Two-time Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis arrested on sexual offense

Canadian director Paul Haggis, a two-time Osar prize winner, has been detained in Italy on suspicion of committing a sexual offense, MTI writes, citing the Italian prosecutor’s office. The 69-year-old arrived at a film festival in Ostuni, Puglia, on Tuesday. The Italian news agency LaPresse and other Italian agencies have also brought down a statement […]

Alec John Such, a founding member of Bon Jovi, has died

Alec John Such, a founding member and original bassist of the band Bon Jovi, has died, CNN writes. He was 70 years old. “We hear with a sore heart the news of the death of our dear friend Alec John Such. He was an original member. As a founding member of Bon Jovi, Alec played […]

It doesn’t work to announce, I’ll slap you now

“I can agree: I represent that art is free, thought is free – not free, free – and if they take it away from the artists, they will shoot themselves in the foot.” – Adél Kováts, the director of the Radnóti Theater, expressed his opinion on artistic freedom in this week’s one-hour program by Alinda […]