WHO concerned about increase in corona cases

Geneva (dpa) – The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the increase in corona cases in several countries before the coming winter. Unfortunately, not all countries are no longer reporting cases, but among those that inform the WHO, hospital admissions and treatment for Covid-19 in intensive care units have increased, said WHO chief Tedros […]

Virologist about Eris and Pirola: “Vaccination also works against new corona variants”

Doctors now recommend a booster vaccination for older people and members of risk groups. Photo: dpa/Christophe Gateau Frankfurt virologist Martin Sturmer is not particularly worried about the new corona variants Eris and Pirola. However, it is still important to detect new virus types – for example through more wastewater tests. Mr. Sturmer, the virus variants […]

Long Covid reimbursement counter for healthcare employees opened

ANPZorg employees in summary proceedings in February against job loss due to long Covid NOS Nieuws•gisteren, 12:35 As of today, healthcare workers who contracted Covid in the first corona wave and developed long-term complaints (long Covid) can register with the Ministry of Health for compensation. Long-term ill healthcare workers receive a one-off amount of 15,000 […]

Increase in corona infections: “In many cases without symptoms”

Interview Date: September 24, 2023. Image: DPA | Maria Maar There have been an increasing number of corona cases in Bremen in the last few weeks. But do we still need to talk about it? And what is different today? Answers from virologist Andreas Dotzauer. During the corona pandemic, he was one of the most […]

Who should get vaccinated against Corona now – Southwest

There are an increasing number of positive corona tests in the region. The adapted vaccine has also been available for a few days. What now applies to the corona and flu vaccination – an overview. It’s not like Markus Sandrock is currently being overrun with inquiries about the corona vaccination. At the beginning of the […]

Mixed feelings before the first Corona autumn without protective rules

Berlin (dpa) – Relaxed or worried again: Before the first Corona autumn without mandatory protection rules, the population’s expectations about their own health risks vary greatly, according to a survey. One in two people (50 percent) are not at all worried about a possible corona infection in autumn and winter, as the survey by the […]

Many infections expected – virologist urges caution

The Essen virologist Ulf Dittmer is expecting a lot more sniffles and more serious infectious diseases next winter. The coronavirus changes and can therefore infect people again and again. At the same time, many people’s immune systems are not yet fully trained again after the lockdowns and the mask requirement. This makes people more susceptible […]

Survey on Corona concerns: assessments vary

Berlin (dpa) – Before the first Corona autumn without mandatory protection requirements, assessments of one’s own health risks differ, according to a survey. 50 percent are not at all worried about a possible corona infection this autumn and winter, as the survey by the opinion research institute Yougov on behalf of the German Press Agency […]

Covid-19: Survey on Corona concerns: assessments vary

Many Germans are not worried about a possible corona infection this fall and winter. Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa Corona infections have recently increased. Now the colder months are approaching, but requirements for masks and tests are a thing of the past. Is that why there is now greater concern? And what about voluntary precautions? Berlin – […]