Aids aid worried: Fewer HIV tests due to the corona pandemic

The national association of AIDS support fears a possible spread of HIV in view of poor test conditions. “Fewer people went to tests this year,” said the state manager of Aids-Hilfen, Sven Warminsky, in Magdeburg. There are various reasons for this. Among other things, the health authorities were closed or at full capacity because of […]

Limburg expert searches with WHO for corona origin | 1Limburg

In four episodes, program maker Riël Linssen and camerawoman Nira Kakerissa travel through the Heuvelland in search of conservation initiatives in this special area. The Heuvelland is known for its breathtaking views and un-Dutch beauty. But that is certainly not self-evident. There is more going on behind the green screens than you think to preserve […]

945 people in Krefeld are currently infected with coronavirus

November 10, 2020 at 12:39 pm pandemic : 945 people in Krefeld are currently infected with coronavirus The city’s health department reported 44 new cases for Tuesday. Photo: dpa / Robert Michael Krefeld There are 44 new corona cases in Krefeld. 945 people are currently infected, four fewer than on Monday. The number of corona […]

If air quality deteriorates, corona 19 infection and symptoms worsen: Dong-A Science

This is a photograph of the fog and haze in the Swiss region by satellite. Fog and haze capture ultra-fine dust, and studies are accumulating that such ultra-fine dust can increase the corona 19 infection rate and fatality rate. Provided by NASA There are studies showing the correlation between the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19, Corona […]

Regarding immunity, global health is good news for Corona patients

1:30 PM Sunday 22 November 2020 Agencies A senior official at the World Health Organization said that a British study concluded that those who contracted Covid-19 are not likely to be infected again for at least six months, and described the result as good news that also gives more hope for potential vaccines to prevent […]

Performances of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio planned in Mies van der Rohe Park in Krefeld

November 24, 2020 at 4:37 pm Paid content: Performances planned in Mies van der Rohe Park in Krefeld : Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in Corona version The rehearsals for a slightly different Christmas Oratorio run according to strict Corona rules in Café Felbelstraße. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld Dedicated artists rehearse for a performance of the […]

Krefeld: “Stunned” about the ban on Sunday sales

November 24, 2020 at 4:39 pm Paid content: Pandemic in Krefeld : “Stunned” about the ban on Sunday sales Krefeld’s city director Markus Schön criticizes the judgment on the subject of Sunday openings. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld “I am immensely disappointed,” said city director Markus Schön on the OVG judge’s verdict. The seven-day incidence, […]

Oxford study: Immunity after being infected with the coronavirus can last up to six months

Corona virus illustration. © Reuters – People who are infected with the corona virus cannot be infected again for at least six months. So the findings of researchers at the University of Oxford disclosed on Friday. The findings are part of a large-scale study of Covid-19 reinfection following observations from health professionals that the […]