Index – FOMO – Johnny Depp sent Amber Heard to a warmer climate with a song

The disgraced actor owes his favorable verdict to the fact that Hollywood has finally begun to count him. The litigation with his ex-wife Amber Heard damaged his reputation and many of his fans and even his colleagues turned away from him. The actress accused Depp of physical, mental and sexual abuse, which involved a long […]

Index – Culture – A song I’ve never heard from Freddie Mercury

Two members of the Queen band, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, have announced that a song hitherto unknown to the audience, believed to be lost, with Freddie Mercury’s song is expected to be released in September, MTI reported. According to Queen founder Taylor, who is the band’s drummer, composer and vocalist, the song, […]

Bomb came up with a good song at $ AP Rocky

It was a long time ago that A $ AP Rocky would have released a new album or mixtape. Specifically, he has only released songs since the highly experimental Testing of 2018, but also the last two years since he brought out the clip for Babushka Boy. Perhaps even more missing is her partner, Rihanna, […]

A Hungarian song will be played in the American series entitled FBI

Rozina Pátkai On the shore song David Benkő with the participation of pianist (Paso, Subtones) FBI will debut on April 26 on one of the most watched American television channels, CBS. I didn’t think that my own Hungarian-language song would be performed live for the first time in the action scene of an American series, […]