Faced with excessive demand, access to Beyfortus is partially restricted

Victim of its success, the treatment will ultimately be reserved for maternity wards. Beyfortus, a brand new preventive treatment which immunizes babies against the main virus causing bronchiolitis – will not be available over the counter. According to the Ministry of Health, the version of the treatment intended for smaller infants will only be available […]

Alcohol, drugs and wife beating. The former star of the Polish champion shocks

Until relatively recently, the player was experiencing the best years of his handball career. He joined the team from Kielce, today known as Industria, in 2011 and played in Poland for five years. With Vive, he won the Polish championship, and at the end of his adventure with the team, he won the Champions League. […]

Preventive treatment against bronchiolitis: the Ministry of Health welcomes the “success” of the campaign

For most non-obligatory drug treatments, the “membership rate varies between 5 and 10%“, notes the minister in a press release. However, concerning this new treatment protecting against bronchiolitis, “membership rates now exceed 60%, and even reach 80% in certain establishments“. “Excellent news“, according to Aurélien Rousseau, who already describes the immunization campaign as “a success“.

California warns laboratories not to inflate the THC of the cannabis they analyze

The California state administration has sent several warnings to laboratories that analyze cannabis samples for legal producers, advising them that inflating the percentage of THC in cannabis may lead to penalties and the withdrawal of their license. Following the warning, the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has started a campaign of inspections to find out […]

The King “doubts” Assad’s control over Syria and confirms: Parties and people within the regime in Syria are working to smuggle drugs into Jordan, and Iran is benefiting from that.

Watan Al-Youm – King Abdullah II expressed his doubt about the control of the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, over his country, and his responsibility for drug smuggling into Jordan. His Majesty the King’s statements came during the Middle East Global Summit in New York City, USA, yesterday, Wednesday. He said, “President Bashar […]

Transporter speeds into oncoming traffic – alcohol and drugs in the blood

CONFIRM. On Tuesday there was a traffic accident on the federal highway in Bestwig around 3:25 p.m. with three people injured. A 47-year-old man from Romania drove his van into oncoming traffic for unknown reasons and collided with an oncoming car. The 47-year-old and his passenger sustained minor injuries in the impact. A 37-year-old man […]