Everything new in streaming in March

Why should you leave your ass on the couch this month? Many things. Westworld S3 (Foxtel Now, March 16): HBO’s ambitious and twisted science fiction returns after a 16-month break and we can’t wait to unravel more of its mysteries. The robots have escaped the dystopian funpark and are now in the “real world.” With […]

Poetry Monday: Today, “It’s sweet to sleep”

This is the first time his poems have been published in French. However, Fabrizia Ramondino has written poetry throughout her life, and her anthology, For a clear path (By a clear path) received the Pasolini Award the year of his release in Italy in 2004. Who is Fabrizia Ramondino? Born in Naples in 1936, died […]

Liberato, the strange Neapolitan – Culture / Next

There is a knock on the door: a messenger hands us a vinyl adorned with a rose taped to the cover. “From a Neapolitan admirer”, he blows before disappearing. We note that the rose is already withered. Perhaps because of the trip from Naples, cradle of the Liberato phenomenon, mysterious singer who since Valentine’s Day […]