Why the banking crises don’t end

The banking system in free fall Regulators and politicians around the world are trying to allay fears of a new banking crisis. But the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and the emergency merger of UBS and Credit Suisse were not the end. Even after the experiences of 2008, it was not possible to regulate the […]

“Why didn’t you come to Germany?”

Ottawa/Toronto “In the beginning I went to a temple to connect with people of the same religion who spoke my language,” recalls the 25-year-old, who belongs to the Sikh religious community. Today, when it comes to new acquaintances, other criteria are also important to him, such as common interests. Next to the man with the […]

Canada: Faeser and Heil find out about labor migration | News Current

During their trip to Canada, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser and Labor Minister Hubertus Heil want to talk to government representatives in Ottawa about the prerequisites for better management of labor immigration. Today and tomorrow, the two SPD ministers also want to get suggestions from companies and from experts for integration for their planned reform […]

Berlin election: those affected by poverty are ignored (nd-aktuell.de)

Counting of votes after the re-election to the Berlin House of Representatives Photo: dpa/Jörg Carstensen In the elections to the Berlin House of Representatives, according to infratest dimap, 39 percent of Berliners with a “simple education” voted for the CDU, 15 percent for the AfD and two percent for the FDP. Altogether, 56 percent of […]

Lindner is working on tax relief for companies

Christian Lindner The Federal Minister of Finance wants to reform corporate taxes. (Photo: dpa) Berlin Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) is preparing a comprehensive reform of corporate taxes. Experts in the Federal Ministry of Finance are currently developing various measures for the draft with the provisional title “Competition Strengthening Act”, the Handelsblatt learned from government […]

MV-Reactions: Refugee summit “a single disappointment in the result”

Big politicians met in Berlin on Thursday to discuss current problems with refugee accommodation. The result disappointed the MV opposition. Schwerin The opposition in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome of the refugee summit in Berlin. “The result of the refugee summit is a huge disappointment,” said CDU faction leader Franz-Robert Liskow on […]

Berlin election 2023: results – provisional final result known

The results of the Berlin election 2023: Here you will find the provisional official final result of the new House of Representatives election yesterday. The winner will probably not rule. The re-election to the Berlin House of Representatives in 2023 was necessary because of irregularities in September 2021. The Berlin constitutional court had decided […]

The FDP proposes the formation of a “Bau-Hanse” in the north – dpa

MWith the formation of a so-called «Bau-Hanse», the Hamburg FDP wants to boost the weakening housing construction. The proposal made by the state board provides for a harmonization of the building regulations in the northern German states, said the deputy chairwoman, Katarina Blume, of the German press agency. The Hamburg Senate should take an initiative […]

No more masks on buses and trains

Mask at the train station Some federal states such as Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein had already abolished the obligation to wear masks in local public transport. (Photo: IMAGO/IPA Photo) Berlin It’s over after almost three years: the nationwide mask requirement in long-distance trains and buses will expire on Thursday. This is also the case in […]

Public prosecutors drop investigations against Christian Lindner

Rewrite this content Christian Lindner in January in Berlin Image: dpa According to the Berlin authorities, there is no suspicion of criminal behavior on the part of the Federal Minister of Finance. She had taken action because Linder had first sent a greeting to a bank and then received a loan there. NAfter reports of […]