Bundestag decides travel vouchers

DAid is decided and all but the donor are dissatisfied is rare. But when the Bundestag decided on Thursday to create a regulation for vouchers instead of reimbursements for trips canceled in the Corona crisis, there was criticism not only from the opposition, but also from the travel industry. Too late and not enough for […]

ECB bond purchase program: Freedom from the Bundestag in a hurry

Dhe European Central Bank (ECB) bond purchase program from 2015 has already caused a lot of trouble. Especially since the Federal Constitutional Court urged the ECB in a sensational ruling in May to disclose how it weighed the effects of its controversial PSPP program. In the meantime, a solution to the ongoing dispute is imminent: […]

BVG and Wasserbetriebe do not pass on the VAT reduction to customers

BerlinBerlin’s state-owned companies such as the transport and water companies are currently not passing on the reduction in VAT to their customers. This emerges from a response from the Senate Finance Administration to a request from the FDP Vice-Group Leader Sibylle Meister, which is available to the dpa. Meister, spokeswoman for her group’s budget and […]

Wirecard: Public prosecutor searches five objects

Wirecard headquarters In addition to the company’s headquarters in Aschheim, the public prosecutor’s office searches two properties in Munich and Austria. (Photo: Reuters) Düsseldorf The public prosecutor came to the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard on Wednesday. Since morning she has been searching a total of five objects: three in Munich, including the company headquarters […]

How Bafin boss Felix Hufeld justifies himself

Berlin, Frankfurt Felix Hufeld was more important for the finance politicians this Wednesday afternoon than the Chancellor. The hearing of the Bafin chief in the finance committee should actually end by 1 p.m. at the latest, since then Angela Merkel (CDU) commented on the German EU Council Presidency in plenary. However, from the point of […]

Altmaier against right to home office

BMinister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier has spoken out against a statutory right to work from home. The CDU politician told the German press agency: “Above all, we need less bureaucracy, not always new state guarantees. I am convinced that many companies allow more home offices on their own, but it does not fit everywhere, […]

What majority is needed for this in the Bundestag?

Berlin It was a political explosive proposal that Angela Merkel (CDU) and Emmanuel Macron unexpectedly presented on Monday. And so the Chancellor’s and the French President’s push for a € 500 billion reconstruction fund is causing ongoing controversial discussions. This applies to the European level, where states like the Netherlands and Austria opposed the plan, […]

Christian Lindner’s hug: he sets the standards himself

On far-reaching restrictions on social contacts the chancellor and heads of government of the federal states agreed on March 22, 2020. This is intended to slow the increase in the number of cases and to prevent the health system from becoming overloaded. In April and early May, the chancellor and country leaders then gradually eased […]

On our own behalf: 25 years of WELT on the Internet. A journey through time

Angela Merkel under pressure: her “catalog of measures for ozone prevention” failed due to resistance within the federal government, a press conference that she had scheduled did not take place. Both the Minister of Transport (CDU) and the Minister of Economy (FDP) resisted. The CDU environment minister had to admit her temporary failure before the […]