Dáda Patrasová packs her bags and flies to Italy to meet her lover Vito

It looks like the marriage of Dagmar Patras and Felix Slováček is really busy again. While the musician sweeps up almost every social event where he is surrounded by beautiful women in recent weeks, Dada is going to visit his Italian friend Vito instead, as the editors of Prima Zenya found out. Is another partnership […]

WHAT’S HAPPING BEHIND DADA’S BACK: Why is an ex-girlfriend caring for Felix?

“It’s eroticism that gives energy to all creation and pushes it forward,” Felix explains, adding, “And I think it’s very lucky that I still have to do something. I can’t be idle, I’d die. ”Even though the musician is old enough to do so, he can’t rest and he’s going somewhere with his saxophone. And […]