Airing over the Japanese Isles to Enter the Taiwan Defense Zone, Chinese Bombers Bring Hidden Messages to America, Will World War III Happen Now? – All Pages Chinese H-6K nuclear bombers. Gridhot.ID – China’s problems with its neighbors are heating up. After clashes with India on the border, China is now fighting again with Taiwan. The bad news is that China’s relations are heating up with Taiwan after information emerged that America would really help Taiwan if the island was attacked. […]

Moscow declared the impossibility of selling the Turkish C-400 USA without her consent :: Politics :: RBC

Earlier, senators from the United States proposed introducing a provision on the redemption of Russian S-400s from Turkey to the country’s defense budget S-400 anti-aircraft missile system (Фото: Serbian Presidential Press Service / AP) Turkey cannot, without Russia’s permission, sell the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems delivered to it to another state, Maria Vorobyova, spokeswoman for […]