The operator of the film “Diamond Arm” Igor Chernykh died :: Society :: RBC

Igor Chernykh (right) (Photo: Korzhenkov E / TASS) At the age of 88, the cameraman, Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR Igor Chernykh, died. This is stated on the website of the Union of Cinematographers. “Always sociable and positive, Igor charged us with his optimism,” the report says. Chernykh was born in 1932. In 1955, […]

Waiting for the thaw: Nick Cave in a loop, partitions of artists and life in bulk

1 – With a land use plan With its pastel colors and its way of taking the player by the hand during the first hour, Before We Leave installment in the often austere world of management video games, “city builder” options (type Sim City, remember!) and “4X” (the Civilization). Especially since he proudly displays his […]

In Andé, artists like in a mill

A barge passes. She continues on her way despite the confinement. We know it is happening because the voice of filmmaker Vincent Dieutre becomes inaudible. He turned his head to follow his path and the movements of the light on the water. For the first few days, these barges, which were running softly across the […]

At war with boredom: porn stars, folk rhymes and roommate vampires

1- With sun and poppers For years, Karen and Barry Mason’s children thought their parents were odd booksellers that when they walked through the store, they were told to bow their heads and look at their shoes. In reality, the couple, an ex-journalist passionate about censorship, an engineer who worked in the field of special […]

At war against boredom: meditation, soft zombies and squeaks

With Toulouse cassoulet “Hello, my anger! Hello, my aggressiveness! And my wrath, hello! ” The meeting is open. At the helm, a celebrity (promo 80s: Renaud, Guy Bedos, Cohn-Bendit, Yannick Noah …) awaits the indictment of the prosecution. At the desk, the prosecutor is called Pierre Desproges and makes the brocades rain on the defendant. […]

Sarah Maldoror, the key to song

“Maldoror, farewell!“Seems to greet her, several decades after she had decided to bear this name of revolt, the third song of Lautréamont’s poem. Filmmaker Sarah Maldoror died yesterday, April 13, of the aftermath of Covid-19, her two daughters announced. Born Sarah Ducados in 1929 in Condom (Gers), of a mother from south-west of metropolitan France […]

Godard, not out of breath at the time of the Covid-19

This post is from the new daily newsletter of the Culture department of Release, sent every evening. To register, simply enter your email address here. “A world won for technology is lost for freedom“: this is the last sentence of Jean-Marie Straub’s new short film, said from the back by a man who walks on […]

The films to see (or not) this week

The films to see (or not) this week Cinema outings. What should you see at the cinema this Wednesday? Here is a summary of the reviews of our culture department. Click on the links to read the articles. Kongo, by Hadrien La Vapeur and Corto Vaclav. To create the powerful portrait of a captivator in […]

Films and series: it no longer turns

It was to be expected: with the recommendation or the obligation to work remotely and the impossibility of meeting with anyone other than yourself, for leisure or work, outside the home, many shootings are in progress postponement or shutdown until further notice. For example the one, dantesque, of suites ofAvatar which took place under the […]