Behind the scenes of Brussels – Containment: the debate prohibited

It only took a few moments, on March 16, for the Head of State and his government, in the name of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, to place the French under house arrest and deprive them of most of their freedoms civil, political and social that we thought inalienable: freedom to come and go, […]

The G20 commits to a moratorium on the debt of poor countries

Published on : 04/15/2020 – 10:40 p.m. As of May 1, 2020, all interest on the debt that should have been paid by the 77 developing states, assisted by the World Bank, will remain in their coffers. And that for six months … but six months renewable. A measure taken so that each State can […]

understand everything about the risks posed by the imposing African debt

DECRYPTION – The external public debt of sub-Saharan African countries alone amounted to $ 365 billion in 2018. The G20 made a gesture on Wednesday. Through Wladimir Garcin-Berson Protections intended for the fight against the coronavirus in a warehouse of the international committee of the Red Cross in Abidjan, April 15. ISSOUF SANOGO / AFP […]

Dark mood on the German stock market

DThe signs for the stock market were mixed on Wednesday. Wall Street had a solid presentation on Tuesday and the S & P-500 more than doubled the F.A.Z. index by 3 percent. But in Asian and futures trading, the negative signals intensified in the morning. Warnings of the worst global recession since the 1930s underscore […]

Financial markets: the mood is darkening

WHow will Wednesday be on the stock exchange? The signs and forecasts are mixed. While Wall Street presented itself on balance yesterday and the S & P-500 with a plus of 3 percent exceeded the F.A.Z. index by more than twice, signals from Asia are rather negative. Warnings of the worst global recession since the […]

Bill Gates expects vaccine in 18 months

Bill Gates The Microsoft founder is participating in the financing of a corona vaccine with his foundation. (Photo: dpa) Berlin Bill Gates has called on the G20 countries to provide more money to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus. The G20 should no longer hesitate to have an effective financial commitment, wrote the Microsoft […]

Game after the ceasefire in the oil price war

AAt the end of a dramatic, eleven-hour video conference, the countries organizing the oil-exporting countries and other countries (Opec Plus) had finally agreed to cut oil production by 10 million barrels (159-liter barrel). Mexico also agreed in the end because it only had to produce 100,000 less a day instead of 400,000 barrels a day […]

The G20 supports stabilizing the oil market, but avoids citing cuts | Economy

New shock in the oil market. Mexico’s refusal to accept the production cut proposed by Russia and Saudi Arabia puts a global agreement at risk. To the point that the G20 ministers avoided this morning giving explicit support to the reduction in production in a statement that had to be delayed several hours precisely because […]

G20 fails to agree on lower oil production

Published on : 04/11/2020 – 03:39Modified : 04/11/2020 – 03:39 The US-Mexico deal reached on Friday following a prior agreement from the oil powers failed to reach a decision to cut black gold production during G20 Energy Ministers’ discussions on Friday . The energy ministers of the G20 countries did not reach agreement on Friday, […]