One shot: Tekebaev met President Japarov in Germany

President Sadyr Japarov and his wife Aigul Japarova arrived in Germany on a working visit. The press service of the head of the country reported this on September 28. At the airport, the president and first lady were met by the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Germany Omurbek Tekebaev, who, before his appointment as ambassador, had […]

In Germany, a decline in GDP was predicted

The German Institute for Macroeconomics and Economic Research (IMK) predicts that Germany’s GDP will shrink by 0.5% this year. In 2024, the economy is expected to grow by 0.7%, Day.Az reports with reference to TASS. “The German economy, which has been weakened by energy price shocks, will not be able to develop normally in the […]

French supermarkets revolt against “reduflation”

The practice has long been used to deceive consumers and charge more for smaller packages, but in the current crisis it has increasingly been found on shelves The “reduflation” or, in English, “shrinkflation”, is opening a revolt in some French supermarket chains against the strategy of large suppliers of trying to deceive consumers. ADVERTISING Redufflation […]

Climate activists paint the columns of the Brandenburg Gate in color

A group of environmental activists from the group Letze Generation (Last Generation) sprayed the emblematic Brandenburg Gate, located in the German capital, Berlin, with orange and yellow paint this Sunday to protest the climate crisis. A Police spokesperson has detailed that the six columns of the monument were affected. Police officers made arrests at the […]

German car manufacturers in danger. China is strengthening its influence

The IW report also shows that there are eight Chinese brands operating in the German market, which represent a share of 1.5 percent of all car sales in the country. However, this will probably change in the future. Currently, six out of ten of all cars produced are from Asia, up from 31 percent about […]

Bundesliga Showdown: Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen

Bundesliga Two of the best teams in German football face off. By César Vásquez Updated on 09/14/2023 – 15:39 CLT Updated on 09/14/2023 – 15:39 CLT © Getty ImagesBayern Munich will be local against Bayer Leverkusen. German football usually delivers exciting duels between big clubs. On the 4th date of the Bundesligathe powerful Bayern Munich […]