Orne Department Placed on Yellow Alert for Heat Wave

Image d’illustration. The Orne department has just been placed on yellow alert by Météo France. The department will be affected by an episode of heat wave for the day of Tuesday, September 5. Manche, Calvados, Mayenne, Sarthe and Orne are placed on yellow alert by Météo France, due to an episode of heat wave. The […]

Unprecedented Heatwaves Hit Asia: Record-breaking Temperatures and Climate Change Concerns

Meteorologists from several Asian countries are announcing this Friday, August 1, that they have recorded unprecedented temperatures over the past two months. A new tangible sign of climate change on Earth. Several countries in the Asia-Pacific region announced on Friday September 1 that they had recorded a series of temperature records this summer, in line […]

Heat wave: on red alert, what are the employer’s obligations?

The heat wave is considered “of exceptional severity”, by Meteo-France. Red vigilance, maximum alert level, is triggered and concerns 19 departments as of Tuesday. In these territories, like the Rhône Valley or Occitanie where we expect up to 42°C on Wednesday and Thursday, working is not without danger to health. In some professions, the body […]

these vacationers in search of fresh air, ready to change their habits

STORY – Global warming and summer heat waves are pushing many French people to leave the south in search of more breathable destinations. Based in Marseille for twenty years, Hélène can no longer take this “unbearable heat” Who “don’t fall back at night” and prevents him from sleeping, despite the fan running at full speed […]

what the labor code says

From Gers to Doubs, a diagonal of 19 departments going from the south-west to the center-east of the country is placed in heat wave orange vigilance. A heat that is very difficult to live with, especially for construction workers, who in the most extreme cases are victims of discomfort or vomiting. Thus, the General Confederation […]

How the body fights the heat wave

Tips for a safe summer Since 2003, the cantons have set up heat wave plans aimed at vulnerable people. This approach has reduced the number of seasonal deaths. As a reminder, in 2003, there were approximately 70,000 deaths in Europe in sixteen countries due to the heat wave. The figures for 2022 are slightly lower, […]

Unusually Hot Weather in Arizona Causes Collapse of Giant Saguaro Cacti

In Arizona, the giant saguaro cacti, the state’s emblem, have been collapsing by the hundreds from unusually hot weather for more than a month. These cacti, which can reach 12 to 15 meters in height, live mainly in the Sonoran desert. No one knows their actual lifespan, but they can exceed 150 years, and some […]