The Mini Cooper SE overcomes “Green Hell” in “Green” mode

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/28/2020 11: 03h save Related news The 20.8 kilometers that make up the Nürburgring track, known as Green Hell tests the exceptional qualities of each car, requiring them to master completely new challenges. And in this case, it was to go through the circuit in «Green» mode and without pressing the brake […]

I have rabies – Release

Grandstand. I’m angry and angry when they scroll through the media, show their discontent on television, make their voices heard perfectly on the radio, deliver their speech in the newspapers. Always to tell us about a situation of which they are an aggravating factor, always to perish on citizenship, on the risk of recession, on […]

drugged and submissive to give sexual pleasure

ABC Updated:04/10/2020 13: 16h save Related news King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand (67 years old), better known as Rama X, He was returning to his country this Monday for the anniversary of the beginning of his dynasty, Chakri. A return that came just after the controversial confinement with 20 concubines in a luxurious hotel in […]

Greece: at Teleperformance, worry on the phone

“Every day, I have a lump in my stomach as soon as I wake up. I’m scared to go to work “, explains Anne (1). This 20-year-old Frenchwoman works at Teleperformance in Athens. She is one of those voices who, from a telephone platform, provide technical assistance or after-sales service for international brands. Apple, Hewlett […]

‘Small Town, Big Hell’ will be Donamarian

This Sunday, in Donamaria, Navarra, there will be Trees and Beech trees. Pagadi will be the first mayor of the town. They will meet at his home and tell him a lot of curiosity, including the history of the Castle district. Villabonatians will have the opportunity to make a delicious breakfast, thanks to Joxantonio and […]

Djokovic, from hell to Australian heaven | sports

When the nightmare is over, the door of paradise opens. Novak Djokovic He turns to his bench and expels a thousand demons through the victorious mouth, but Dominic Thiem has turned his night into hell. Nicolás Massú, the Austrian coach, tears escape from his eyes while his boy ceremoniously attends the eighth enthronement of the […]

Agoitz, in the ‘Small Town, Big Hell’ session

In this Sunday’s ‘Herri Txiki, Infernu Grani’, Mikel Pagadi and Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga will discover Agoitz in Navarra. Pagadi meets Unai, who is a member of the group of guitar players. Una has a special passion: the giants. It is a boyish hobby, because he decided to join the group of bagpipers to be on the […]

Cubic Corporation wants to subsidize traffic with ads

Photo: Getty One of the biggest problems with the subway, at least here in New York, is reduced to cash. Even more what the busking, the rats, and the exudate, last year’s subway rate increase caused many residents of New York To lose your damn minds But what if, you know, instead of reducer the […]