Unand Medical Experts Assess Covid-19 Vaccine Safe

President Jokowi was injected with the Covid-19 vaccine. © Agus Suparto / Indonesian Presidential Palace / Handout via REUTERS Merdeka.com – Padang Andalas University (Unand) medical expert Dr. Andani Eka Putra assessed the COVID-19 vaccine used by the government in vaccination is safe because it has passed the safety testing phase. “If asked whether the […]

Want to Lose Weight, Avoid These 5 Foods and Drinks

Illustration of french fries. Photo: Pixabay jpnn.com, JAKARTA – FOOD what you eat can have a big effect on your weight. Some foods, such as full-fat yogurt, coconut oil, and eggs, help with weight loss. Other foods, especially processed and processed products, can make you gain weight. Here are some foods to avoid when you’re […]

Conditions of People Who Cannot Be Injected with the Covid-19 Vaccine

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia will be carried out in the second week of January 2021 using a vaccine made in China, Sinovac. Many things must be known before receiving a vaccine, including comorbidities and the condition of the vaccine recipient. In the Decree of the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control […]

Ernest’s Minority Tweets Trending Again On Twitter

JAKARTA – Citizens are currently discussing the name of Komika and director Ernest Prakasa. Even his words about minorities some time ago, returned to the current position on the trending topic of Twitter. The reason is that this is not a new tweet from Ernest, considering that Ernest launched a satire on DKI Jakarta Deputy […]

Listen, There Is A Quadrantid Meteor Rain That Can Be Watched This Week

KOMPAS.com – One of the astronomical phenomena that occurred in early January 2021 is the Quadrantid Meteor Rain. This meteor shower appears from a radian point located in the Quadrands Muralis constellation. This phenomenon is an annual phenomenon. Quadrantids occur from 12 December to 12 January each year. Then when is the peak time to […]

5 Clear Signs Of Gout You Need To Know

Saturday, January 2, 2021 – 11:23 WIB Foot illustration. Photo: Pixabay jpnn.com, JAKARTA – ACID urate is a general term for various conditions caused by a buildup of acid. This buildup usually affects your feet. If you have gout, you may experience swelling and pain in the joints of your feet, especially the big toe. […]

2 Badminton Women’s Athletes Become the Attention of the KPK

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Photo / illustration: archive of JPNN.com/Ricardo jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will trace the flow of bribes received by the former Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo to a number of parties. It is suspected that these parties were among the two female badminton athletes. “Investigators […]

Eijkman Has Not Found A New Variant Of Corona Virus Mutation in Indonesia

Corona illustration. © 2020 Merdeka.com/shutterstock Merdeka.com – Director of the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Amin Soebandrio, admitted that there were no findings of B117, a new variation of the Corona virus mutation that has spread in England, Australia and Singapore. However, Eijkman is still intensively analyzing various new variants of the virus in Indonesia. […]

CHECK THE FACTS: Hoax of 1.2 Million Covid-19 Vaccines From Europe Arrives in Indonesia

Sinovac Vaccine Stored at Bio Farma Bandung. © 2020 Presidential Secretariat Merdeka.com – Circulating on social media as many as 1.2 million Covid-19 vaccines claimed to have come from Europe have arrived in Indonesia. The upload is accompanied by the following: “Alhamdulillah. 1.2 million Covid-19 vaccines from Europe have arrived in Indonesia. Hopefully this covid […]