A soldier killed and two wounded after fighting with the ELN in Arauca

The Army, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office carry out operations in Arauca against an ELN structure that is carrying out criminal actions, in the rural area of ​​Tame, where there have been combats. In the midst of these events, two members of the ELN were killed and weapons, ammunition of different calibers, communications equipment, […]

The earthquake in Slovakia 260 years ago killed. Seismologist: It can happen again

In recent weeks, after the huge earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the media reported on several tremors in different parts of the world. At the end of February, weaker tremors were also recorded near the Ukrainian village of Veľká Dobroň, approximately 15 kilometers from the border with Slovakia. In our territory, the last time the […]

Eight people killed, Halloween bomber sentenced to life in prison

An Islamist assassin has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of eight people in New York. Because the jury, according to consistent media reports, could not agree on a death sentence for the 35-year-old on Monday, he automatically received the maximum possible prison sentence. The perpetrator, who had already been found guilty […]

3 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank

JERUSALEM – Clashes and gunfire continue as Israeli forces raid various areas in the occupied West Bank. 3 Palestinian youths were killed by Israeli forces in Jaba in the northern West Bank. A man who was shot in the head is in critical condition. Israeli sources stated that they were first fired upon during a […]

Hamburg: killing spree among Jehovah’s Witnesses

The quick action of the police has probably prevented an even worse bloodshed in the killing spree during a community meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hamburg. But the hatred with which the alleged perpetrator killed seven people and finally himself did not come out of nowhere. In January, an anonymous whistleblower drew the weapons authorities’ […]

Quetta gas leakage explosion: 6 people killed, 4 injured

Quetta: 6 people were killed and 4 people were injured in a gas leakage explosion in Quetta district of Balochistan. According to rescue sources, 2 women and 4 children were among those killed in the gas leakage explosion in Ski Kalan area of ​​Quetta, who were immediately shifted to a nearby hospital where they are […]