KLM pilots will stop work for a short period on Monday

ANPEA KLM aircraft at Schiphol NOS News•Friday, 5:23 PM•Adjusted Friday, 7:00 PM KLM pilots will stop their work for an hour on Monday, reports the VNV union. They expect that approximately fifteen flights will be delayed as a result. The action is a result of difficult collective labor negotiations between the union and the airline. […]

KLM cancels flights due to war in Nagorno-Karabakh

This concerns the flights from Amsterdam via Taipei to Seoul and from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. According to KLM, KL863 was already on its way to Tokyo. He had to return to Amsterdam. Several flights have also been delayed. Azerbaijan on Tuesday attacked Nagorno-Karabakh, an Azerbaijani region where mainly Armenians live. KLM […]

Wage and transition payment former CEO KLM almost 1.4 million euros

KLM still had to pay 619,100 euros in taxes on the severance payment, according to the report De Telegraaf previously wrote about. In October last year, the judge ruled that Elbers was entitled to a severance payment after his departure from the airline. He was also entitled to deferred bonuses from the period before KLM […]

KLM wins court case: number of Schiphol flights may not be reduced | Economy

05 apr 2023 om 10:05Update: een dag geleden The State may not reduce the maximum number of air transport movements for Schiphol from 500,000 to 460,000 this year. This has been determined by the District Court of Noord-Holland in preliminary relief proceedings brought by KLM and other airlines. The cabinet wants to allow fewer flights […]

Problems at Schiphol cost KLM 175 million euros in the third quarter | Economy

Door onze economieredactie 28 okt 2022 om 07:26Update: een dag geleden The problems at Schiphol cost KLM around 175 million euros in the third quarter. The airport is struggling with a major shortage of staff, as a result of which KLM, among others, had to cancel a large number of flights. As a result, income […]