Thiele confirms strategic interest in Lufthansa | 02.07.20

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – Major Lufthansa shareholder Heinz-Hermann Thiele has confirmed his long-term interest in the airline. With its recently increased stake of more than 15 percent, Thiele is striving for “a long-term strategic engagement with Deutsche Lufthansa AG”, the airline said on Thursday evening in Frankfurt. Thiele had told Lufthansa that he was “currently not […]

Lufthansa and Verdi continue negotiations on Tuesday | 06/29/20

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Negotiations between Lufthansa and the Verdi service union over a crisis package will go into the next round on Tuesday. The union criticized that Lufthansa had not yet promised effective employment protection. Verdi negotiates for 35,000 of the almost 140,000 Lufthansa employees. “The extremely loyal Lufthansa employees are very willing to […]

Dax & dates in the daily stock exchange report

Düsseldorf Investors long for positive news, after all, they have become rare. At the start of the new stock market week, it is expected that the leading German index Dax will yield further towards the 12,000 mark. On off-exchange platforms, the Frankfurt stock exchange barometer was down more than 0.5 percent on Monday morning after […]

Ryanair resumes flights from Riga – Transport and Logistics – Financenet

The first Ryanair flight from Riga will take place to the Austrian capital Vienna. In the near future, the airline plans to launch flights to other destinations – London, Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Brussels, Manchester, Edinburgh, East Midlands and Paphos. In total, it is possible to travel to more than 30 destinations from Riga Airport next […]

Francie zake krtk lety. Kdy nesm Air France, tak nikdo

Francouzsk stt podporuleteck spolenosti Air France podmnil tm, e usp pechod k ekologitjmu provozu. To zahrnuje i citelnou redukci let, unich existuje alternativn spojen vysokorychlostn eleznic krat ne dv a pl hodiny. Pokud to aerolinky spln,mly by dostat sedm miliard eur (tm 187 miliard korun). Jestlie nco dme po Air France, neznamen to, e se […]

Pro miliard nechce vldn zchranu Lufthansy? Mohl by ji spasit sm

Miliard si obstaral dal hotovost prodejem podlu ve firm Knorr-Bremse. Podle tvrten zprvy agentury Bloomberg se zbavil osmi milion akci tohoto vrobce brzdovch systm pro kolejov vozidla a nkladn automobily, kter mu vynesly zhruba 760 milion eur (18,7 miliardy korun). Zisk m bt pouit k dalm osobnm investicm Thieleho, stoj v obchodnm sdlen. Pojme na […]

Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines will be allowed to fail, the trade union…

According to multiple sources, Lufthansa would no longer be exclude, the Belgian subsidiary of Brussels Airlines, are in bankruptcy or are in a hurry. That is, writes La Libre Belgique, on Friday. The French-language newspaper, and know from an internal source, that the board of directors of Brussels Airlines, on Monday, the executive board of […]

Pojme na to jinak. Miliard chce zaznout vldn zchranu Lufthansy

Firma proto vyzv ostatn investory k asti na mimodn valn hromad, kter se m konat pt tden a kter m zchrann balk v objemu devti miliard eur (240 miliard K) schvalovat. Lufthansa vzvou ostatnm akcionm reaguje na kritiku nmeckho miliarde Heinze Hermanna Thieleho, kter dr 15,5 procenta akci firmy. V rozhovoru s denkem Frankfurter Allgemeine […]

Overview: When will which airlines fly again?

Under the condition that travel restrictions on flights within the EU are relaxed and safety measures at the airports are introduced to protect health, the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair wants to allow 40 percent of regular flights to take place again on July 1, the company said in Dublin. According to its own statements, Ryanair […]

Rescue comes to a halt – the federal government makes new demands

Lufthansa rescue is delayed The federal government is demanding that Lufthansa renew its fleet and accept all aircraft ordered from Airbus. (Photo: dpa) Berlin, Frankfurt The rescue of the financially troubled airline Lufthansa is delayed. In the final phase of the talks, the federal government raised new demands that would make remediation almost impossible, informed […]